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08/15/2012 12:00 AM

08/14/2012 5:33 PM

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Hawker Beechcraft seems to be more preoccupied with justifying its extravagant senior leadership bonuses than in conducting the normal duties of running the business.

Marriage is the first divine institution established by God, and has been recognized as the union of a man and a woman for centuries. For the Democrats to include gay marriage in their party platform is despicable. The Republican Party has room for Democrats who still believe in decency.

I support “traditional marriage.” I have been divorced. That is sad, and doesn’t change my mind at all.

Conservatives complain that liberals want to give “freeloaders” a ride on the backs of “hardworking” Americans by the redistribution of money. But the right feels perfectly justified in decimating Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid to give the wealthiest a free ride on the backs of the elderly, the poor and the disabled.

With Alec Baldwin, Jesse Jackson and Fred Phelps being big supporters of the Democratic Party, I would not feel too ashamed to be a Republican.

Contrary to Dick Cheney’s opinion, the mistake on the 2008 Republican presidential ticket was not Sarah Palin. The mistake was John McCain.

One fast-food commercial has adults speaking and interrupting one another in squeaky little kid voices. My first impression was that it was possibly an audition tape for the next generation of “Fox and Friends.”

Congratulations to the conservatives for the recent primary victories. We can now look forward to more tax cuts, school funding cuts and public service cuts. If you think the line for driver’s licenses is bad now, just wait until there is only one driver license office left in the state.

I quit buying Riverfest buttons when they went to $5.

If there is anything more ridiculous than rhythmic gymnastics, it would have be team rhythmic gymnastics and all synchronized swimming and synchronized diving. These rank up there with televised poker and somebody sewing a button on a shirt on Channel 8.

Does anyone talk to others face to face anymore? Or is that too old-fashioned?

Some people have so many tattoos it makes me want to ask, “Escaped or on parole?”

You can thank me for guaranteeing rain. I left my car windows open.

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