Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 14)

08/14/2012 12:00 AM

08/13/2012 5:40 PM

Where are the myth busters of Wichita?

While walking the neighborhood, I’m noticing a lot of the new roofs are poorly or improperly done. Where are Wichita’s city inspectors? Why must a person pay a permit fee if the work is not going to be inspected after it’s completed?

It would be considered a miracle if Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz would ever answer a question without diverting it to another subject matter.

To be honest, the present Justice Department is not different from the previous one. It turns its regulators and lawyers on the people, destroying them financially. And to defend themselves, they must “lawyer up.” No due process. No fairness.

Now that we going to have a Mormon and a Catholic as president and vice president, we can sweep those women’s rights back into the kitchen where they belong.

Papa John’s Pizza should have a new advertisement: “For Republicans Only.”

I worry that the Republicans are secretly mixing up barrels of Kool-Aid.

In that Charles Koch has bought the election of Gov. Sam Brownback and the majorities of the Kansas House and now the Kansas Senate, when will we become the state of Kochsas?

Death by apple pie sounds good to me.

Shame on all of you able-bodied people who use handicapped parking. Handicapped parking is for the handicapped, not people who are fat and don’t want to walk.

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