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08/13/2012 12:00 AM

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I was raised by a single mom making $5.25 an hour. Now I have a great family and work as a surgeon, helping people. Thank you, America, for giving me this opportunity. Even if it seems impossible, in this country everyone has a chance.

State Sen. Jean Schodorf’s election loss to the inexperienced Michael O’Donnell has assured that this lifelong Republican will definitely vote Democratic in the general election.

Moderate Republicans and Democrats: Write in Jean Schodorf for the Kansas Senate in the general election.

So O’Donnell says he was told to stay away from Rep. Mike Pompeo’s celebration party? O’Donnell is the face of conservatism and represents the direction in which the Kansas Republican Party is heading. Pompeo’s attitude will cost him votes if he isn’t careful.

I see that Wink Hartman is running one employee for state Senate and another for judge. Between him and the Kochs, all of our elected officials will be hand-selected by the wealthy. So much for representative government.

I am so thankful to the voters in Sedgwick County’s District 3. They were observant enough to see that the last time a member of the Wichita City Council moved to the County Commission, it did not turn out well.

The sure way to a biased court is to let the governor make the appointments. Some of us have the belief that rulings by judges should be based on law, not personal bias.

It is past time that students and parents protested ever-rising tuition rates at Kansas Board of Regents schools. The regents conspired with schools to raise tuition because they thought no one would stop them. This won’t change until citizens demand it.

If we have to show photo ID to vote, then those who want free school supplies or free backpacks should have to show ID as well. How many illegal aliens got free supplies over Americans in need?

I know we are in a drought. I know the situation is dire. But could we please have one night when we turn on the TV news and not see another story about it?

Why don’t we just build a replica of Earth and encase it in a climate-controlled sphere?

Fred Phelps is wrong: God does not hate anyone. God loves everybody, including Fred Phelps. Therein lies but one of the major differences between God and me.

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