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August 11, 2012

Opinion Line (Aug. 11)

I saw the pictures supposedly sent back from Mars. It looks like they were taken about 50 miles south of Dodge City.

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I saw the pictures supposedly sent back from Mars. It looks like they were taken about 50 miles south of Dodge City.

How many new jobs have come to Wichita since Mayor Carl Brewer, City Council member Lavonta Williams and Police Chief Norman Williams traveled to Africa on city business?

More than $100 million in taxpayers’ money for a new airport terminal? (Yes, federal grants are taxpayers’ dollars, as well as deficit spending.) We should be voting on this project, not handing it to cronies of the mayor and other City Council members. If it smells bad, it usually is.

Is it too late to change the plans for the new airport terminal to include earthquake protection now that a fracking operation will be only eight miles away?

Born in 1919, I still have all my original teeth. Eat nourishing food (including veggies) and have regular dental appointments. Wake up, parents. We do not want fluoridated water.

Many comments bashing water fluoridation refer to excess fluoride poisoning. An excess of anything can be fatal. Too much water, too much oxygen, too much apple pie have all resulted in deaths – and at a higher rate than those resulting from an excess of fluoride-treated drinking water.

I love Wichita and I’ve lived in Honolulu, Seattle and New York City. I bought a four-bedroom house with basement, $72,000. I do notice a lot of bad teeth and overweight people. Walk some, and brush your teeth. The water is good, too. Drink it.

I have never seen campaigning like this year. Is this what we have become – bottom-of-the-barrel humans? And it’s all about special-interest groups. What a sad way to live a life. And all of our children are going to pay for this with their sweat and blood.

With the election of Gov. Sam Brownback’s lackeys Tuesday, it looks like Kansas is in for two very rough legislative sessions. What happened to the sensible voters of the state? God help us.

Our Republican governor and legislators do not deserve to be praised for their pro-life position while they reduce taxes on the wealthy and neglect the more than 7,000 Kansans with physical or developmental disabilities who are awaiting home- and community-based services.

Why do some people recognize they can’t go four more years with their current automobile, but fail to see the risks of four more years with the current president?

Handball is an Olympic sport? What’s next? Four square? Dodgeball? Kickball?

Bubba and I want to know how come there ain’t no Olympic NASCAR.

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