Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 6)

08/06/2012 12:00 AM

08/03/2012 8:19 PM

The silent majority responded by supporting Chick-fil-A as consumers. Maybe the mayors of Chicago and Boston should work on balancing their budgets and reducing crime instead of weighing in on free speech. Chicken never tasted so good.

I oppose offshore drilling, so I’m going to eat a Big Mac. In protest of tax hikes, I’m going to eat a Whopper. End result? No one has changed his mind, and I’m fat.

Maybe if the supporters of the recent chicken demonstration had parked their cars in a nearby parking lot and walked to and from the restaurant, they would have cut down on the idling car emissions and gotten a bit of exercise, too. Use your heads, people.

Congratulations to the Newton Area Chamber of Commerce for resigning from the Kansas Chamber of Commerce, which has become a tool of the Americans for Prosperity and not a representative of the businesses that belong.

Instead of donating to super PACs, why not donate money to people living on Social Security? Makes more sense to me. The middle class needs it more than the politicians.

Voter ID is law. The Eagle editorial board needs to get over it.

If the voters seem indifferent about voting or about which candidate to vote for, it is probably because the candidates seem to be indifferent when it comes to working with other politicians or working for their constituents.

I’m happy to be one of the “choosers” going to the primary polls. Those of you who don’t bother to vote on Tuesday will select from a candidate slate in November that you had no part in choosing.

Looks like the highly touted trickle-down economics of the rich is allowing Hawker Beechcraft to trickle down to the Chinese.

So now we’re told that corn-based ethanol may well be more hazardous to the ozone and atmosphere than previous no-corn fuels. All that testing and fanfare for what – more guesswork? And while already using 40 percent of last year’s corn crop as a fuel additive.

Mayor Carl Brewer said if he sees someone who is not a police officer openly carrying a gun, the hair on the back of his neck is going to rise. With all the officer-involved shootings, a lot of us feel the same way when we see police officers carrying guns.

The reader who complained about drivers flipping lit cigarette butts out their windows while driving is apparently unaware that since the beginning of the anti-smoking hysteria, automakers have ceased putting ashtrays in cars.

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