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07/30/2012 12:00 AM

07/27/2012 6:34 PM

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Kudos to Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Skelton for being more concerned with the well-being of the county than partisan politics. It appears the Republican Party does not want people who think for themselves. That stunt convinced me that Commissioner Tim Norton will get my vote.

Teachers: Be thankful for the raise you did get. If you are going to complain about it, then quit. Plenty of unemployed people would love to take your place and accept the pay you were getting before the raise.

Why is USD 259 still busing 20,000 students and having these so-called magnet schools? Cut these out.

Obviously a person needs to be smarter to get into medical or dental school than to be on the Wichita City Council. Projections show that adjusting the fluoride in the city water to a more optimal level will save the Wichita taxpayers $4.5 million per year in dental expenses.

There was great fear and controversy when the government mandated in the 1940s that wheat flour be enriched. That mandate has proved to be a great health benefit to the American people. It is time for fluoride to be added to our water. Listen to people with facts, not lies.

Who drinks tap water rather than bottled water? Probably the less fortunate. Who does not see a dentist twice a year? Probably the less fortunate. I think water fluoridation would be a wonderful thing for these folks.

Those of us who take care of our teeth with toothpaste and a toothbrush should not be forced to ingest fluoride because of those who won’t use them.

It is unbelievable how uninformed people are about fluoride. You absolutely do not want it in your water. The only people it helps are young children.

The Chick-fil-A brouhaha shows once again the extreme intolerance of the left, and its hatred of anyone supporting traditional family values.

If you do not like Chick-fil-A’s policies, do not eat there. I choose to eat there. That’s how it works in the land of the free.

Thank you to the senior citizen who stood outside his motor home with his hand over his heart as the funeral procession for my cousin passed on the way to the cemetery in Winfield. Little acts of kindness and thoughtfulness like this make Kansas a wonderful place to live.

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