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July 25, 2012

Opinion Line Extra (July 25)

Let’s see if I’ve got this right. The Democrats’ only dirty laundry on Mitt Romney is that he was a successful businessman?

Let’s see if I’ve got this right. The Democrats’ only dirty laundry on Mitt Romney is that he was a successful businessman?

No matter what President Obama alleges Romney has done in business, it’s a fact that Obama and his political thugs are destroying the entire U.S. coal industry.

The president’s campaign ads point out embarrassing truths about Romney. Romney counters by taking the president’s words out of context and misrepresenting his clear intent. Romney is either stupid or a liar who thinks Americans are stupid. Either is reason enough to deny him the White House.

Romney is almost assured a victory if every state enforces a voter-ID law. Enforce voting hurdles for minorities, people of same-sex orientation and women. Then only we can have an everlasting GOP monarchy. Kansas is uniquely qualified in taking a lead to guarantee GOP victory.

For Pete’s sake, why is the voter-ID controversy even a controversy? If you live in this country legally, you should have a valid ID in your possession. Period, end of story. What’s the big problem with providing one when you vote?

I’m surprised people haven’t blamed the Aurora, Colo., shooting on President Obama, since he is blamed for everything else.

Twelve people killed by a gunman in Aurora, and the liberals call for gun control. A pickup kills 11 people in Texas. Should we expect a call from the liberals to ban pickup trucks?

What’s the difference between assault weapons and machine guns? Ownership of machine guns is legal, but the guns are registered with the government and tightly regulated. It’s time to do the same thing with assault weapons.

Colorado does have concealed-carry laws. But the Aurora gunman was armored, including his head. If anyone else had a gun in the theater, it would just would have created ricochets.

I get sick and tired of the media pussyfooting around with criminals. The Colorado shooter is not the “alleged” shooter or the “shooting suspect.” He should be called what he is. How many people saw the guy? Please just tell it like it is.

When I came home for lunch there was a smear brochure for the tea party candidate for state Senate in my screen door. I consider that trespassing. Plus, I had a Carolyn McGinn sign in my front yard. Doesn’t say much for the integrity or intelligence of her opponent.

Come on, Eagle news people. Quit reporting about the heat every day. All of us are tired of it and know that we’re going to have heat for at least the next two months. Focus on something else.

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