Opinion Line (July 21)

07/21/2012 12:00 AM

07/20/2012 5:12 PM

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At least 12 murdered in Colorado. Tell me again why there shouldn’t be a death penalty and why it shouldn’t be carried out expeditiously. Tell me again why concealed-carry is a bad thing.

It would be appropriate for the National Rifle Association to take several million dollars that it normally spends on lobbying and donate it to the families of the dead and injured in Aurora, Colo.

To the righteous folks of Sedgwick County who voted for the casino to be located in Sumner County: We thank you.

Wichita is the fourth-largest city in the nation without fluoride in its water. Why would we want to add it now, when someday soon we could be No. 1?

The only ones who will gain from putting fluoride in our water are the ones who sell it and the ones who sell the equipment to add it to our water. The risk is not worth the so-called benefits.

The number of people who joined the rolls of the disabled last month was higher than the number of jobs created. That is not the change we had hoped for. The granitelike workforce that has been the backbone of our country is being replaced with sand.

Do you believe there will be a big tax increase from the health care law because you heard someone say so, or have you done your own research?

Many people are uneducated by choice, having dropped out of school and made getting a job more difficult. Telling them they are victims convinces them that others are responsible for all their wants and needs. Self-reliance is a true winner.

A tax return is the new birth certificate.

If Mitt Romney wants to help the U.S. economy, the first thing he needs to do is bring all his offshore accounts home.

If Romney is telling the truth now, he lied on his SEC forms. That is a felony. He needs a good lawyer. Maybe a former University of Chicago law professor would help him.

I saw a bumper sticker I wanted to pass on: “If it isn’t a baby, you’re not pregnant.”

Most older women are 20 pounds over their ideal weight, but dress manufacturers make clothes for the ideal girl who has pretty legs. I hope enough of us will complain until skirts come just below the knees. Also, we need T-shirts with longer sleeves, not those cap ones.

I still would like to see reruns of “Fantasy Island” on TV.

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