Opinion Line Extra (July 20)

07/20/2012 12:00 AM

08/05/2014 8:08 PM

Here we have this young president with potential for greatness, but not in today’s political climate. Even Lincoln wouldn’t have had a chance today. Yesterday’s democracy is a thing of the past.

America’s Founding Fathers didn’t believe the charter they created would forever endure the assaults of corrupt politicians. They spoke of even the best-constructed republics as lasting little more than 200 years, and expressed the hope that their posterity would meet the challenge of maintaining the Constitution’s integrity. Time’s up.

I guess I’m OK with the GOP’s repeal-and-replace strategy for Obamacare, as long as Congress is on the same health care plan it proposes for all Americans.

Obama doesn’t need a Congress. He just makes up rules as he goes along, the Chicago way. Law he doesn’t like? Just break it, lie, no problem. The liberal news media will cover for him. I thought Carter was bad, but Carter has been outdone.

Any new 2012 Obama bumper stickers out yet? You wouldn’t think so from looking at the cars.

Should a person vote if he doesn’t like either candidate?

Democrats frequently promise to reduce taxes, but at some time in the future. To arrive at this paradise, however, they always require higher taxes immediately. They’ve been getting away with this ruse for years, but people are getting smarter and starting to wise up to their sleight of hand.

Does legislative candidate Craig Gabel believe that laws regarding sign placement do not apply to him? I haven’t seen a single one of his signs placed in a legal manner.

We’ve heard for years how great HD radio is, but where are these wonderful HD stations? Oh, I forgot. It’s Wichita radio – always 10 years behind the trends.

To the jerks on the Fourth of July who left all the dead fish on the bank of the river behind Chapin Park: It still smells. Good job fouling up a place so many other people enjoyed. Grow up and learn to clean up after yourselves.

Pedestrians walking through a large parking lot would be wise to not walk down the center of the driving lane, and even to try to walk a little faster than normal when walking across the pedestrian crosswalk and not take their sweet little time about it.

Once again: If the Bible was the word of God, it’s been in man’s hands for millennia. You really think some pope or priest wouldn’t consider altering it at some point over the years?

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