Opinion Line (July 18)

07/18/2012 12:00 AM

07/18/2012 6:26 AM

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The Obama campaign says Mitt Romney was still running Bain Capital while he was fixing the Olympics mess. So what? That’s called multitasking. The president should try it. We want our great country fixed. Create some jobs and lower our debt. That’s what matters.

You insisted President Obama show his birth certificate. Why can’t we see Romney’s tax returns?

Obama is the great job outsourcer. His laws and regulations have driven millions of Americans out of the workforce.

Here’s an idea: Why don’t we let Obamacare go into effect, see what it’s actually like, and then decide whether or not to keep it?

About every two weeks, there is some new banking or securities scandal. Even so, the Republicans keep calling for rescinding regulations. How do they justify this insanity?

John Boehner risks the embarrassment of having his term as House speaker end without a single accomplishment. Defeating President Obama in 2012 is not the people’s work. The people elected our president to move the country forward. Boehner needs to get on board or get out of the way.

I predict Sens. Carolyn McGinn and Jean Schodorf will lose in the primary, because they have been masquerading as Republicans for years. And Elma Broadfoot should be imploring McGinn and Schodorf to move to the Democratic Party, which is more in line with those who support them.

It breaks my heart that Reps. Judith Loganbill and Jim Ward are being forced to run against each other for the Kansas House District 86 seat in the Democratic primary. They both are great representatives for the people of Kansas.

A dear friend won’t be voting Aug. 7. She doesn’t want a stranger looking at her driver’s license, which clearly gives her weight. Too bad. She has been a devout Republican.

Want to end the ozone problem in Wichita? Easy. Get the city to stop putting every major intersection on the west side under total reconstruction at the same time, and fire those responsible for failing to synchronize traffic lights in Wichita.

Unsure of how to help improve our country? Simple. Start with improving the appearance of your home and property. Call authorities about abandoned houses and tall grass. Everything we do has a positive or negative impact.

Penn State should remove the statue of Joe Paterno and place it where it belongs – in front of the state pen.

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