Opinion Line Extra (July 18)

07/18/2012 12:00 AM

08/05/2014 8:06 PM

Democrats scoff at the idea of “death panels.” But what else do you call 15 politically appointed people who will be making life-and-death decisions, based on certain fiscal parameters, about who gets what medical tests and treatments under Obamacare? You and your doctor are not part of the equation.

Why are people so “for” caring for the 30 million people without insurance, but do not care about the people with insurance?

Men’s issues are important to me. Forget the deficit, unemployment and the rest. What I want is a candidate who will provide me with free condoms and Viagra, plus birth-control pills and abortions for my girlfriend.

News reports show that the U.S. continues to play sheriff in Persian Gulf waters. Amazing. We refuse to develop alternative energy, and we protect the tankers with foreign oil that destroys our economy and our country. Our once-great country is great no more, because it’s controlled by corporations.

Since we are a nation of choices, I say leave the fluoride in toothpaste and let the customers choose, rather than put it in the water supply and force everyone to drink it.

An article on how to reduce your electric bill – cut here, save there, unplug this, buy energy-efficient that, and watch Westar Energy fly to the regulatory board seeking rate increases to cover lost revenue. Maybe The Eagle should encourage people to use more electricity instead, so the price per unit will decrease.

ACORN has been exposed many times and forced to shut down, but seems to reappear, reorganized and renamed. President Obama once said he appreciated ACORN’s work, so it seems that the only way we can assure fair and honest elections is state voter-ID laws.

The governor of Louisiana is using taxpayer money to fund private schools that teach creationism. Looks like Kansas has fallen to second place on the list of states most ignorant to science.

Michael O’Donnell for mayor.

To pull out yard signs that support Sen. Jean Schodorf and deface one of her billboards by putting Michael O Donnell’s name across it was a pretty cheap shot. Really, people? Politics can be ugly, ugly, ugly. Every election year seems to get more ridiculous.

With the careless and selfish way most drivers are, they may as well put neon signs on their vehicles that read, “I don’t care about anybody but myself, so stay out of my way.”

Jumping on Oprah’s couch, Tom Cruise looked like a monkey’s uncle. Katie Holmes has confirmed that.

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