Opinion Line Extra (July 13)

07/13/2012 12:00 AM

07/12/2012 1:27 PM

I heard a scathing Democratic radio ad about Mitt Romney. Then I realized it was the news on National Public Radio. But I repeat myself.

I am not going to vote for a multimillionaire for president, especially one who hides money in foreign banks to avoid paying tax. Do you really believe he cares about the 99 percent?

I came home Wednesday to find my Obama-Biden sign trashed in my front yard, with fliers for Stevens, O’Connor and Chappell in my door handle. What does that say about the Republican Party? The sign will be bigger next time. Just try to suppress my beliefs.

Why is it the responsibility of government and taxpayers to create jobs? If government creates jobs, it is interfering in the American capital free-market business system.

Unions are the ultimate cancer of our employment and economic problems.

I defy any of you fearmongers to cite even a single insinuation that the president has made regarding “taking away your guns” (as if he could). Remember not to bear false witness against thy neighbor.

Do you really think all the gun owners and hunters are going to willfully give up their guns if Obama agrees with the United Nations’ worldwide ban?

Since my childhood education in the 1940s and 1950s, I’ve felt that because of our checks-and-balances system, our democracy could not be destroyed. Now, as an old dude, I’ve changed that opinion. Current-era Republicans are probably going to destroy our democracy. What sadness that causes me.

Gov. Sam Brownback is just being consistent in ignoring the Affordable Care Act. He picks passages from the Bible to support his religious beliefs; now he’s picking the laws to follow that support his political beliefs.

My wife’s contribution to her employer-sponsored medical insurance went up 56 percent this year, thanks to all the “free” stuff in Obamacare.

I just checked. It is cheaper to fly Delta than AirTran to Orlando next month. So why give money to AirTran? I’ll bet campaign contributions had something to do with it.

I hear those evil Koch boys are at it again: They want to add 200 jobs in Wichita. How dare they? I can’t wait to hear from the naysayers on what is wrong with this.

I back into parking spots so I can avoid hitting you with your crappy parking job when I’m pulling out of them.

Was the word “folksy” coined for Andy Griffith?

What is our chance to replace Leonard Pitts with Howard Stern? Neither makes much sense.

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