Opinion Line Extra (July 6)

07/06/2012 12:00 AM

08/05/2014 7:58 PM

We lost Mayberry’s Andy Griffith. Sheriff Taylor always played the straight guy to Deputy Barney Fife. They both brought us a lot of laughter and smiles. Rest in peace, Andy.

I heard that Andy Griffith passed away. But it must not be true, because I saw it on Fox News and Opinion Line readers say that everything on Fox News is a lie.

There’s only one way to rid Washington of all the regulating czars located in the White House.

Chief Justice John Roberts: If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.

I’ve never carried health insurance and have always paid for my hospitalization. I feel insurance is a form of extortion. But after receiving my latest doctor bill, with the insurance companies’ itemized charges and what they want me to pay, I’d say the doctors are the criminals.

If I get caught after robbing a QuikTrip and they make me pay the money back, is that a penalty or a tax? If you’re getting health care without paying for it, it’s the same situation. Call it what you want – the robbers should pay up.

Rep. Mike Pompeo’s commentary “Repeal, replace health care law” (July 1 Opinion) consisted of nothing more than Republican talking points. Representing them as his own is tantamount to idea plagiarism. Newspapers nationwide probably received nearly word-for-word submissions from other Republicans. Republican tactics are transparent, but not their policies.

What happened to parents taking the responsibility for their children’s oral health by teaching them to brush their teeth daily, and by teaching them the benefits of eating healthy foods and the harmful effects of sugary foods and drinks? I don’t want added fluoride in my water.

The NFL has now been compared to Big Tobacco. What do you suppose will be the future of the NFL?

I’m a Christian, and I am outraged that some groups in America spend more time putting Christ’s name in places it never belonged than following Christ’s teaching. Let’s stop putting displays on public land. Let’s realize that America is not a Christian nation, merely a nation founded by theists.

In order for Joyland to reopen, one of the Wichita City Council’s pet developers needs to spearhead the project. Then the project will receive tax incentives and cash, and Joyland will be open within a year.

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