Opinion Line Extra (July 3)

07/03/2012 12:00 AM

07/02/2012 6:53 PM

If we thought today’s misuse by government of taxpayer revenue was unbelievable, wait until the 2,000-page national health care package is in full effect. Why haven’t this administration and Congress had an annual budget for more than three years? Operating without a budget is unconstitutional.

Conservatives continuously gripe about unemployed people, and yet they spend vast sums of money to ensure that gay people are fired from their jobs. Please explain.

If certain health care users could not afford to pay, you cannot make it so they can afford to pay by passing a law. The others are going to have to make up the difference – now with the government’s gun, the IRS, to their heads. That’s why Obama wants more IRS agents.

Republicans don’t seem to want to admit that they have been endlessly campaigning since Obama took office, too.

This Republicans’ Fast and Furious witch hunt is over suspicions of an attempt to ban assault weapons. Are they such poor shots that they need an Uzi to take out those deer and pheasant? Sorry, but the game these weapons are meant for is man, and an invasion is far from likely.

An Islamic fundamentalist won the Egyptian presidential election. The Arab Spring just had a blizzard blow in.

There is a thoughtful reason for almost everything I do, including pulling through public parking places when possible. I have a tall SUV; I’m short. This combination makes it difficult to see behind my car. If I pull through a parking stall, I can pull out instead of backing up.

Forty years of Title IX, and Wichita middle schools still offer more athletic opportunities for female students than for male students. I guess Title IX doesn’t work both ways.

Hey, has the city checked to see if the trucks selling food on North Broadway are licensed? The city is so busy getting after people for their yards. Maybe it needs to look at these trucks for licenses, and check on what they’re selling and their sanitation. I’m just saying.

Has anyone else noticed the lack of well-known singers performing in Wichita? Sure, Carrie Underwood is coming in October, but when was the last time we had a big-time star like her in Wichita? Or how about a rap artist? Instead of making money off of the arena, we are letting it sit empty night after night.

The British royal family is like any around the world – an insult and a liability as they drain money from an economy, serving no official or practical purpose. It’s welfare. They think they are due something because they were born.

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