Opinion Line Extra (June 29)

06/29/2012 12:00 AM

06/29/2012 6:28 AM

Without a checks-and-balances form of government, thanks to the right-wingers, we’d have no democracy. The Supreme Court has ensured that we will have a health care plan to benefit all people – even the ones who have to be dragged kicking and screaming into it.

I don’t refuse to buy insurance. I refuse to give up a place to live to buy it. We would have to choose between the two in order to afford it, and we work and expect no free ride.

Chief Justice John Roberts is a Republican turncoat. His vote got Obama’s health care bill upheld.

Good, ole, spineless Justice Roberts. Rolled over into the slime, like I knew he would.

Hey, Rush Limbaugh: With the decision of the Supreme Court to uphold Obamacare, when are you moving to Costa Rica?

What about all the illegal aliens who go the hospitals and get free medical care and drive up the cost of health insurance on citizens? Come on, Obama – let’s get it right.

Whew – such hot air. No, not the weather – the Republicans responding to the Supreme Court decision. They’ve had so much hot, stagnant air since Obama was elected, and they’re continuing to suffocate us.

There are some remarkable similarities between Nixon in his final days and the actions taken by President Obama. He should be cutting his losses and firing Attorney General Eric Holder instead of stonewalling Congress and using executive privilege to protect him.

In my experience, most atheists, agnostics and nonbelievers know considerably more about the Bible than the majority of people who call themselves Christians. If you haven’t read and understood the Bible, how can you call yourself a believer?

Car drivers are not trying to hit motorcycles. Motorcycles are simply much smaller and therefore much harder to see than cars. So wear helmets, obey speed limits, watch for cars, and stop the silly bumper stickers that blame car drivers.

Math teachers teach fear.

Why is it that only people with no money can afford tattoos and cigarettes?

Wichita’s so-called community police officers need to stop attending all those useless meetings and concentrate on traffic violations, such as running red lights and speeding through school zones.

The past three months I’ve frequented the 21st and Maize intersection that is under construction and have noticed a large number of courteous drivers. There’s hope.

One thing about Wichitans – we are definitely opinionated, and this column is living proof.

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