Opinion Line Extra (June 28)

06/28/2012 12:00 AM

06/27/2012 7:13 PM

The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision sure brought out everyone’s true colors. Suddenly strictly literal constitutionalists are now advocates for states’ rights. Throw the bums out of office.

It’s absolutely frightening that majorities in the polls approve of the president changing the immigration law in an unconstitutional manner. A government that will lawlessly bestow rights upon illegal residents will lawlessly take rights from its legal citizens. It’s coming if he’s re-elected.

Operation Fast and Furious was not a botched gun investigation by the ATF, as the media keep reporting. It was a deliberate attempt by the anti-gun Obama regime to blame Mexico’s cartel violence on U.S. gun dealers and therefore increase gun-control laws in this country.

Not too long ago, Mitt Romney blamed the president for the high gas prices. Old Mitt has been pretty quiet lately.

Oh, how sad – Texas inmates are complaining about being housed in “brutal” temperatures. I am sure that the thousands of soldiers in Afghanistan and other Middle East locations would love to not work in 120-degree temperatures. Soldiers choose to serve in these conditions for us. Reward them before coddling prisoners who have committed acts of violence.

No one is trying to pass off “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” as anything but fiction. It isn’t like Texas and its “history” books.

I don’t mind you being poor. Just don’t expect others to rectify your situation.

I heard someone say that “intelligent design is just common sense.” Remember that common sense is what tells us that the world is flat.

On evolutionism and creationism: We need to quit talking about their role in science classes. We should be educating people in logic. Whether Earth originated 6,000 years ago or 4.6 billion, there is nothing that can “prove” it scientifically. Anyone thinking either is proved by empirical science totally ignores logic.

The Bible is as real as a Kardashian sister is sincere.

I have been reading about fluoride in the water and thyroid conditions. As a woman with a thyroid condition, I am very concerned about the potential negative effects on me and others with thyroid problems. Please don’t make this decision lightly.

Locomotives blow the horns at gated crossings because, in addition to what you should have been taught in driver’s education, the big flashing red lights, bell and huge gates blocking the crossing still don’t seem to be enough to keep people from going around them.

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