Opinion Line (June 26)

06/26/2012 12:00 AM

06/25/2012 6:25 PM

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Looks like our secretary of state is having problems with his idea of constitutionality. But the U.S. Supreme Court has set him right. Maybe chicken farming in Arizona would be more his speed.

The U.S. economic system socializes losses and privatizes gains. Call it whatever you want, but it’s not capitalism.

I don’t mind you being rich. I mind you buying my government.

Liked the Bush years, did you? Vote Republican and see them repeated, on steroids. Wave bye-bye to Social Security, Medicare, women’s access to health care and whatever freedom over their bodies a Republican Congress has left them.

The African-American community refuses to criticize President Obama. Yet it should appall every American that it is now more dangerous to be a black male teenager on the streets of Chicago than a soldier or Marine deployed to Afghanistan. It would be racist not to vote for Mitt Romney.

It’s time to select Condoleezza Rice as Romney’s vice president. Get ‘er done, Republicans.

The people who think Obama lowered the price of gas need to go to the nearest hospital and be checked in.

By now it should be clear that chasing Christ out of the classroom has not ushered in the age of reason.

We are delighted seeing the American flag flying on the Fourth of July. However, the American veteran is especially thrilled. Many veterans risked their lives to guarantee our liberties. We’ve enjoyed more than 200 years living in freedom. Let’s make sure their sacrifices are remembered.

The city has a budget deficit and is looking to cut services, in addition to laying off city employees. Yet some members of the Wichita City Council just accepted a raise. What’s wrong with this picture? In times of austerity, they don’t need or deserve a raise.

Anyone who can afford to purchase one of the new homes advertised in the Sunday Eagle that is eligible for the Wichita City Council’s five-year property-tax abatement can afford to pay those taxes. Remove the council members from office.

Why send a 4 mpg fire truck to help a person who has fallen and cannot get up? If the firefighters are bored, why not have them fix up the fire stations that need repairs or updating?

Can we call in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to fix the daily flood at Central and Ridge?

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