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06/22/2012 12:00 AM

08/05/2014 7:47 PM

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With Nixon’s Watergate scandal, they asked: “What did he know and when did he know it?” The same can be asked with Obama’s Fast and Furious scandal now with executive privilege applied. Fast and Furious was much worse, because it had dead bodies.

In regard to Operation Fast and Furious, will President Boehner pardon Obama, Biden and Holder?

The White House is currently the place where the grapes of wrath are stored.

A person can be sent to prison for lying to Congress. We need a constitutional amendment that a member of Congress or the Senate can go to prison for lying to the public.

If today’s conservative media had been around in the 1930s, we never would have gotten out of the Depression. And we’d all be speaking German or Japanese.

Mitt Romney so wants to be president. Yet he’s unwilling to detail his agenda or, worse, doesn’t know what it is. Either his positions would alienate so many voters he’d be unelectable, or he expects voters to have faith he’ll do what’s right for America.

Boeing and the Spirit AeroSystems executives should kiss the ground Spirit employees walk on every day. What those employees gave up at the time of the divestiture is one of the great tragedies in Boeing’s history. It is also one of many reasons Boeing is now leaving Wichita.

Why should KanCare complainers win the argument? Many taxpayers have managed health care. People getting free health care should be grateful for whatever taxpayers provide.

Filled out the Priority Project online questionnaire for Visioneering Wichita. Canceled it when I found you can’t submit without identifying your race and ethnicity. So much for another survey.

Intelligent design will become a believable theory only when it can be explained in detail without ever mentioning the Bible.

There is nothing scientific about intelligent design. Do not include that fairy-tale nonsense in a science class. If you are so upset by this, send your child to a school that teaches it.

I can already taste the creamy, delicious manicotti with Italian sausage and the tart, spicy pickled eggplant in the salad. Bravo, Angelo’s restaurant. I can’t wait to make new memories with your wonderful Wichita family.

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