Opinion Line Extra (June 20)

06/20/2012 12:00 AM

06/19/2012 6:10 PM

I defy anyone to tell me exactly what freedoms the Democrats are allegedly trying to take away. And be serious – the “freedom” to do whatever you want to whomever you want doesn’t count.

As frosty as the meeting between President Obama and President Vladimir Putin seemed, it looks like the Cold War is making a return. It confirms that Gen. Patton was right.

Obama may have “inherited” a poor economy when he took office. But if he couldn’t improve things after three and a half years, why should he get another four years? It’s time for a positive change for this country.

If Mitt Romney is elected and uses his business experience to run the U.S., expect to see Connecticut, Hawaii, New Jersey, North Dakota, New Mexico, California, Massachusetts, Delaware, Rhode Island and Oregon be stripped of their assets and sold off.

Washington, D.C., public schools, where the levels of achievement are appallingly low, has annual expenditure per pupil among the highest in the nation. Even those who graduate fail basic standards in writing and reading. More funding is not the answer.

Today’s GI Bill educational benefits are largely meaningless funds-matching programs. The World War II version was a lucrative “take-it” or costly “leave-it” proposition, and it was the greatest economic boost the U.S. has ever given itself. Bring it back.

That teacher in Texas set a great example to kindergartners – punch anyone who’s mean to you. Let that little boy punch the teacher as many times as he was punched, and see if she still holds that principle.

Everyone knows how goofed-up most celebrities have always been, so how come we value their political positions so much?

Who says there’s nothing to do in Kansas? Enjoy the hot sun and the smell of exhaust as you wait in line for four hours at the Andover driver’s license office. Your budget cuts at work.

They are always complaining how much it costs to house an inmate in jail in Wichita. But they just can’t wait for someone to make a mistake so they can put him back in jail. The prosecutors and judges are to blame. It’s all about a conviction and money.

The fellow who urinated in the Wichita Police Department patrol car sure highlights a way to save big money on porta-potties at next year’s River Festival.

There may be intelligent design in our world, but there is certainly no designed intelligence.

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