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June 18, 2012

Opinion Line (June 18)

Will any overpaid Wichita city bureaucrats lose their jobs over the airport mess?

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Will any overpaid Wichita city bureaucrats lose their jobs over the airport mess?

In an age when we have an African-American president and attorney general, why do we need Disadvantaged Business Enterprise and other set-aside programs?

It’s easier to destroy something than build it, so why do Republicans insist President Obama has failed by not rebuilding in three years what the Bush administration destroyed in eight? The president is making progress, even while facing continued destructive opposition from the right, and deserves a second term.

Listening to Obama tell us how he is going to fix the economy is like listening to the 350-pound man talking about his new diet. “This will work. Trust me.” Both have had years to work on their problem, but neither is getting the job done.

What can you say for a group of people suffering 20 percent unemployment who will vote 95 percent to continue with the same leadership? Unbelievable.

If Mitt Romney is elected president and his Bush-era policies don’t work, as they did not work then, will he blame Obama?

In 1803 Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana territories from France for a lousy $15 million. But now that the government has spent $14.5 billion on just the levees to protect New Orleans, I’m not so sure we got a deal.

I am a public employee who pays into the pension with my own money. The state has not contributed its full share for many years, and that is the contractual issue. And if people want to talk about grand pension funds breaking the bank, they should look at the elected officials’ pension fund.

There needs to be far more accountability on athletic spending in schools. As school enrollment declines, some school boards put more emphasis on athletics than education. School boards need to be held accountable. School spirit is great, but athletics should not become the driving force.

Teachers are not dealing with anything different from what a lot of people in the private sector are dealing with – more work for the same pay. In fact, teachers are paid better than a lot of people. Welcome to the real world.

Two months until school starts. Counting down.

Please don’t call 911 to report fireworks violations. Call the Sedgwick County fireworks hotline instead, and your complaint will be just as effectively ignored.

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