Opinion Line Extra (June 13)

06/13/2012 12:00 AM

06/12/2012 6:18 PM

Every state was required to evaluate and redraw its district lines as required by law every 10 years. Forty-nine of the states were able to accomplish this. But the Kansas Legislature had to have federal judges redraw the state’s maps. Is something wrong here?

If I were of the same political party as Sam Brownback, Mike O’Neal and Kris Kobach, I too would question whether evolution was a fact.

It was no surprise that Douglas Avenue was closed for nine straight days for the “food” court. The Wichita City Council has long been captive to corn-dog special interests and is merely a tool of the funnel-cake industry.

Apparently the rules of the road don’t apply to the Wichita Police Department. In the past two months I’ve seen two police officers driving along using cellphones. One was actually weaving in the lane, which led me to believe that he was texting while driving. I guess the old saying is true: “Do as I say, not as I do.”

Don’t you just love paying the salaries of the police chief and officers? Too bad that tax money doesn’t translate into frequent and visible street patrols. Oh, I forgot – the radar gun is paramount.

Your life must be pretty boring if the worst thing you have to complain about is whether or not people back into parking spots.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to prohibit the sale of large soda drinks. As a member of the political elite, he believes he knows better than the average New Yorker. He thinks the ban will lower obesity rates. We think it will diminish individual freedoms.

The mayor of New York wants to ban soft drinks over a certain size. What good will that do? If someone wanted a large drink, he would order two. Duh.

Attorney General Eric Holder is the election year gift that keeps on giving to the Republican Party.

The White House obviously leaked confidential information to the media as a detraction from everyone talking about the lack of economic progress.

The private sector is privately owned for profit. The public sector is the middle class. Mitt Romney knows the private sector, which is big business. The president knows the public sector, the middle class, including teachers, cops and firefighters.

Christians who will work any day but Sunday because of their faith should not be discriminated against in hiring. Employers need to change their stance and ads to reflect that, not say “must be able to work any day.” Have integrity and allow your employees to do the same. We will be loyal, excellent employees.

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