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06/09/2012 12:00 AM

06/08/2012 6:05 PM

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Using President Obama’s fuzzy math, your wife tells you she will probably gain 15 pounds on vacation. When she only gains five pounds, she’ll tell you that she lost 10 pounds.

So the country is divided. Thank the bigots in the GOP, whose only purpose from day one was to get rid of Obama.

Each day when Obama appears on TV, I look to see which arm has fallen off from patting himself on the back for the good deeds of others.

Forget the troubles in the Wisconsin Statehouse. We have our own fox in our own henhouse here in Kansas. Now, either ignorance or double-dealing has created questions in the recent tax bill that could take years to correct. Our governor only cares about himself and his wealthy Washington buddies.

Now that things have calmed down, the Kansas governor, state representatives and senators need to reread the oath of office and follow it.

State Sen. Susan Wagle said that the Shawnee County district attorney is wasting time investigating the governor’s private dinners. That is possible. However, a long time ago I learned that appearances of impropriety are almost as bad as the real thing.

Someone said “we no longer have to fear imposition of the laws of the Netherlands or Argentina by our state courts.” I say “bravo” to Kansas. Assisted suicide is legal in the Netherlands, and other countries nationalize industries, mandate abortion and tolerate “honor killings” of gays and women.

I guess the majority of the Wichita City Council members think they have done such a good job cutting our basic services that they deserve a raise.

We hear from the media what our county and city elected officials make in salary, but we never know what the perks and benefits cost, such as car and cellphone allowances. The media need to do their job of finding out what goes on in government.

Does anyone know a “Candace” and “Ashley” who vandalized beautiful Sedgwick County Park by spraying their names in pink spray paint on the gazebo, benches, trees and sidewalk? They should be ashamed of themselves.

At a large dance recital, I was reminded of the importance of teaching children to use a quiet voice and to whisper. Practice at home and when out to dinner, etc., and teach them when to use these skills. A loud child can ruin a beautiful event for dozens of people.

To the person who found my ring in Dillons: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. There will be stars in your crown.

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