Opinion Line Extra (June 6)

06/06/2012 12:00 AM

06/05/2012 5:14 PM

I bet Sumner County is not looking around for ways to cut costs. It has a casino that is generating millions of dollars for the community. Guess we know which county has the better business leaders. Wise up, Sedgwick County.

Since no one likes Kris Kobach or Sam Brownback, they apparently won their elections by voter fraud.

I’m a woman, a minority and struggling financially in these tough times. I don’t have any trouble voting. Getting an ID is just common sense. I also usually vote for Republicans, but won’t be voting for our current governor.

People who voted for Obama the first time will only vote against him when they think he is worse than they are. If that doesn’t happen, Obama will be here for four more.

Don’t look now, but your 8 percent mutual fund gain in the past quarter evaporated in the past three weeks. President Obama is doing so great.

My father-in-law wants to know who would vote for a presidential candidate named after a baseball glove.

Obama told a friend years ago that he wanted to get out of the corporate world he found so distasteful. He said he felt like a spy behind enemy lines. That explains his attitude toward businesses and why it casts such a pall over our economy and job creation.

The Democrats are worried about Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh. And they get to have a genius like Sarah Jessica Parker holding a fundraiser for Obama?

The far right’s position of control by punishment and grab-and-hold economic policies are anything but Christian, yet evangelicals have made themselves willing bedfellows in this strange alliance.

Reading about the sex-selection abortion bill, I was dumbfounded. How did it get this far? Where did it come from? Do we just forget how Hitler came to be and shrug our shoulders? Wake up – it is a form of genocide in the worst way.

Please, no more articles or photos of ex-WSU president Donald Beggs or his wife. He was just a glorified fundraiser.

On my way home about midnight Monday, I saw two county fire engines flying down 63rd Street South. They turned north on Hydraulic. There was smoke in the air. I finally got home and got on my laptop and checked all the “news” outlets. No one had anything. The world doesn’t stop at 5 p.m.

Complaining about people backing into parking places and leaving tailgates down? Really? Get a life.

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