Opinion Line

Opinion Line (Dec. 20)

What has happened to America that some two-bit megalomaniac from North Korea gets to tell us what movies we can and cannot see? Have we become such a nation of wimps that we are going to roll over for this treatment? Tell me when and where the movie is showing and I’ll go.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (Dec. 18)

To every person in the city of Wichita: Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Please stop protesting until Jan. 2. I just want to enjoy the holidays without people arguing. Go back to it Jan. 2. Thanks.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 17)

See who fights hardest for the torture program: Dick Cheney, who has no mercy and clearly designed the program. He’s also fighting to not be prosecuted for war crimes, except you don’t prosecute the winners. Methinks he doth protest too much.

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