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Opinion Line (July 30)

Given the events of the past month, I guess we need to make sure our financial affairs are in order before venturing out to church, the shopping mall or a movie theater. Only in America.

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Opinion Line (July 29)

I am outraged by the actions of the Sedgwick County Commission majority. Reneging on funding agreements and pulling back on shared commitments to “pay cash for roads and bridges”? I smell personal agendas and ideology. Get ready for the community blowback. It’s coming.

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Opinion Line Extra (July 29)

Regarding the case of Sandra Bland, which began for not using a turn signal when she changed lanes: I’d like to know how many tickets the officer involved wrote in the past year for not using a turn signal when changing lanes.

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Opinion Line (July 28)

The unquantifiable factor in WSU’s expensive recruitment program is Kansas itself. Given years of justified, negative national publicity, we should feel grateful that even a few hundred young people opted to reside in the state best known for mean, stingy, extremist positions.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (July 27)

Secretary of State Kris Kobach is looking for voter fraud. Why isn’t he being more open and cooperative with Beth Clarkson in checking the accuracy of voting machines? Surely in a GOP-controlled state, no hanky-panky was involved in the surprising outcome of races in the past election.

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