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Opinion Line (Sept. 17)

The zoo is a great value. I can pay $125 a year for family to go any time of the year. That is saying a lot, since there are not many things to do in Sedgwick County. Quit being cheap and support the things we do have.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 16)

In the American Revolution, Americans were the head of the spear. Yes, we were aided by other nations, but Americans took the lead. If Middle Eastern people won’t fight for their own interest, they will forever be dominated by others. You can’t help people who won’t help themselves.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (Sept. 15)

I’ll bet money that if the Republicans take the Senate in November, which they almost certainly will, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will suddenly decide she needs to retire before February.

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Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 15)

All of this two-party arrogance and accusing amounts to childishness. Americans want our leaders working together in harmony on the big issues. News flash to politicians: We do not have a shortage of reality TV shows to watch.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (Sept. 14)

How disheartening it is to see the local media crucify former Police Chief Norman Williams. Maybe he did have a blemish on his record, but evidently not of enough consequence to cause city government to take action.

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