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Opinion Line (May 30)

I think the NSA needs to keep its nose out of my private communications, so I’m glad to see President Obama and I disagree on this. Congress will never reauthorize any portion of the Patriot Act favored by the president.

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Opinion Line (May 29)

Kansas needs a law that anytime the House and Senate do not complete their duties in the allotted time, lawmakers will be fined daily the amount of their pay.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line Extra (May 28)

Why are state leaders wasting time and money pursuing a casino in southeast Kansas? Haven’t they watched the news about how many bigger and better-backed casinos all over the country are closing their doors?

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (May 27)

Dear Supreme Court justices: If I am forced to participate in or promote that which is against my sincerely held religious beliefs, then you have taken away my freedom of religion.

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