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Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 23)

If there is anything that ruins my dinner quicker, it’s a stupid robocall by some idiot telling me that I need to vote for some candidate. That’s an excellent reason to vote for the opposition.

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Opinion Line (Oct. 22)

Intrust Bank Arena has not been able to produce the number or type of shows people want, so now the county may put $200,000 more into the pot to not be able to produce the number or type of shows people want. “Lipstick on a pig” comes to mind.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 22)

Some say gasoline prices have fallen because the Saudis have increased production to maintain market share. I propose a tariff on imported oil. Take the revenue to fund renewable energy and promote domestic oil and gas production. Being energy independent will make a safer and more prosperous nation.

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Opinion Line (Oct. 21)

As you close the curtain at the voting booth in November, be sure to ask yourself if you are more likely to be infected or beheaded than you were six years ago.

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