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Opinion Line (May 27)

Dear Supreme Court justices: If I am forced to participate in or promote that which is against my sincerely held religious beliefs, then you have taken away my freedom of religion.

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Opinion Line Extra (May 27)

Save your breath on blaming those who got us into this deficit for election time. Now is the time to find ways to prevent a shortfall. This includes having small businesses pitch in as well. We are all in this together. No free rides.

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Opinion Line (May 26)

“Rome is burning” and the only thing the Kansas Legislature can get passed is fantasy football and Uber. Way to go, and with overtime pay at that.

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Opinion Line Extra (May 26)

Would someone in Congress please introduce legislation to return Texas to Mexico? After all, we did steal it from them. This important move would increase the average IQ of the U.S. population by at least 20 points.

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Opinion Line (May 25)

I love our flag. I love seeing it soar. My only request is that all who fly it are on the same page, especially businesses. Some fly it at half-staff and some do not. I’d also like to know why it’s at half-staff.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (May 24)

When America faces a common enemy we put our religious, ethnic and ideological differences aside and work as one, which is why we will never be defeated on our home soil. Muslims can’t get past their Shiite and Sunni differences to defeat ISIS. How sad for them and the world.

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