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Opinion Line (July 3)

July 1 is here. Thanks, Gov. Sam Brownback. I can walk alone at night again, go to events and carry without a permit.

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Opinion Line Extra (July 2)

Many conservatives don’t understand why Pope Francis would weigh in on climate change and the damage we’re doing to the Earth. He should have put it in simpler terms they can understand. The message is: Don’t poop where you eat.

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Opinion Line (July 1)

Instead of spending millions of dollars on expanding streets in Wichita, spend it on a mass transit bus system with quality service and nearly free rides. Few people ride bikes to work; stop wasting money on bike paths. Repair the streets we have.

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Opinion Line Extra (July 1)

Just think how the Kansas economy would grow if Sam Brownback and Kris Kobach put as much zeal into attracting new business as they do keeping the rich from paying their fair share of taxes or finding those two guys who may have voted in two states.

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Opinion Line (June 30)

Justice Anthony Kennedy and Chief Justice John Roberts join a growing list of disastrous Republican appointments to the Supreme Court. Democrats don’t have this problem. Their appointees are immovable from the party line, regardless of the law.

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