Opinion Line

Opinion Line (Nov. 27)

Have a positive impact on someone. Say “hello” to a person you do not know. Hold a door open for the person behind you. Call an old friend. It may be cold outside, but it will warm your heart and brighten someone else’s day.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (Nov. 25)

Since the taxpayers invested our money, we should receive a portion of the profits of the city-owned Hyatt Regency Hotel and county-owned Intrust Bank Arena during the NCAA tournaments and beyond. This is the biggest gripe: We pay and pay but never get anything in return.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (Nov. 24)

The Keystone XL pipeline is supposed to transport crude from Canada’s oil sands to refineries in the Gulf of Mexico. Canada makes money, and the oil companies make money when they sell the refined products to the highest bidder. How does that morph into energy independence for the U.S.?

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