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Opinion Line (Aug. 19)

I hope all of those in the delinquent real estate tax list are sufficiently warned of the dire consequences of not paying up, like having their LLC name or their name published in The Eagle. Scary. But does it really cause them to pay up?

Opinion Line

Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 19)

How dumbed down have Americans become? We cannot get together to throw out a political party whose stated goal is to destroy the United States, but we can get a bunch of people to dump ice water on their heads.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line Extra (Aug. 18)

Why do some people have a problem with requiring identification to vote, but see it as no big deal to produce identification to buy cigarettes or alcohol, cash a check or use a credit card?

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (Aug. 17)

My prescription for the politicians and PACs that continue to call the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) a disaster is for them to swallow an extra large dose of reality.

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