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Opinion Line (April 26)

A four-star general hands over top-secret information to his girlfriend for her book, gets caught, cops a plea, schmoozes a probation and a fine. Anyone else goes to Leavenworth making small rocks out of big rocks for 30 years.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (April 25)

In a more ideal world, the candidates would publish an easily understood outline of their ideas for leadership and then there would be a couple of televised debates. After that, we’d vote. Simple, right?

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (April 24)

Kansas tourism and government officials bringing back the Kanza people to Council Grove is one of the most intelligent things they have ever done (April 22 Local & State). It is true Native American history being restored. This is what people want to see.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (April 23)

Let’s face it: The real reason for Gov. Sam Brownback’s $25 limit on ATM withdrawals for people trapped on welfare is that it’s all that Kansas has enough money for. We’re broke.

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