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Opinion Line (Jan. 24)

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, like Columbus, Presidents and Veterans days, is a holiday where those of us in the private sector work and pay for the pensions of those in the public sector who are taking the day off.

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Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 22)

The salt mixture the city of Wichita uses for snow removal turned to a powder and went airborne, and now it is settling all over the trees, grass, cars, etc. There is no way that is not a harm to the environment. We did just fine with salt.

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Opinion Line (Jan. 21)

The current airport is old but functional. The Chamber of Commerce wants to eliminate the “fair fares” program, which might lead Southwest to leave. The new airport is paid for with rents and user fees. Less traffic means less money from fees. Remind me why we needed a new airport.

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Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 21)

OK, city of Wichita. Go ahead and build the library, because you will no matter what and I am tired of hearing all the excuses of why it is necessary. I guess we really don’t need streets, water or any of those frivolous items.

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