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Opinion Line Extra (March 5)

Strictly speaking, government is not a business, does not run like a business, and does not require businessmen to run it. I’m not sure it even needs men. I voted for Jennifer Winn for mayor.

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Opinion Line (March 4)

After paying $2,000 for a high-definition flat-screen television, why should I have to put up with again-and-again notifications of some church’s cancellation of services at the bottom of the screen?

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Opinion Line Extra (March 4)

Maintain your speed with that of the flow of traffic. It is the law. If you are the only self-righteous putz driving the “speed limit,” it is you who is endangering yourself and everyone around you.

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Opinion Line (March 3)

Here’s the best reason yet to go green, cut your carbon footprint, reduce your kilowatts per hour – doing so deprives ISIS of revenue. Oil money equals ISIS money. Simple.

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Opinion Line Extra (March 3)

I often hear about wounded veterans needing basic help from the public. Our military condoned placing them in harm’s way. Therefore it is the military’s responsibility to take care of this, with zero cost to the veteran. No special fundraisers – this needs to come out of the military budget.

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