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Opinion Line (Sept. 21)

Can I choose when and how much vacation I get? And, can I take it at crunch time to avoid an important decision? I need to run for Congress. Not so I can do something, but so that I can do nothing.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (Sept. 20)

The U.S Supreme Court is already stacked with leftist judges, hence Obamacare. The only way to stop the complete hijacking of the court is to take the majority away from the Democrats in the Senate. It is critically important for our country’s future.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (Sept. 19)

It only makes sense that the elephant exhibit will remain, and be enlarged. Actually, most of the wild areas for large wildlife are long gone. Only a few small, unconnected parks remain. More and more of the (our) Earth is being covered with houses and concrete.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line Extra (Sept. 19)

This planet is mankind’s lifeboat in space. Only a fool would ignore a leak in a lifeboat. Climate change and overpopulation are both ever-increasing leaks in our planet’s ability to support life. If we don’t act soon, our fate will be sealed.

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