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“I always thought that bank robbery was illegal in Kansas. This is a run on the bank.” – Senate Minority Leader Anthony Hensley, D-Topeka

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Opinion Line (Feb. 28)

Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby says they will look at stopping court storming and profane chants. I’m sure new rules prohibiting these things will stop college students, who also follow rules against underage drinking, cheating in class and girls staying in boys’ dorm rooms overnight. What a joke.

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Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 27)

What a waste – we spent 10 disastrous years in Iraq to make it a safe place to live, and now terrorists are in the villages beheading and burning up citizens. We really accomplished something, didn’t we?

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Opinion Line Extra (Feb. 26)

School boards across Kansas could really put the governor and the Legislature on the hot seat by making all the financial cuts in sports. I’m not talking soccer, tennis or basketball; I’m talking the outrageously expensive football programs.

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Opinion Line (Feb. 26)

It is interesting to hear all the dire predictions from politicians if funding were held up for the Department of Homeland Security, especially knowing that 90 percent of DHS employees would actually stay on the job. What, no one to bring your coffee?

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