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Opinion Line (Oct. 21)

As you close the curtain at the voting booth in November, be sure to ask yourself if you are more likely to be infected or beheaded than you were six years ago.

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Opinion Line (Oct. 20)

I’m trying to think of one retired senator or congressman from Kansas who actually lives here. They say they want to fight for Kansas values, but then when they retire Kansas isn’t good enough for them. It’s news when our beloved Bob Dole comes back to visit.

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Opinion Line (Oct. 19)

People typically indifferent to the poor are now using them to convince us the 1-cent sales tax for five years would be a hardship. If we vote “no,” everyone’s water rates could increase 52 percent for perpetuity. In many homes, that would be a worse budget hit.

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Opinion Line (Oct. 18)

I would rather have a senator who has a residence in Virginia than a closet Democrat who has donated to and supported Obama and has a residence in his back pocket.

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Opinion Line (Oct. 17)

The city of Wichita has a comprehensive plan for the sales tax. I don’t know why the opponents keep saying there is no plan. I hope people do their research and don’t listen to the naysayers. We need to move this community forward. I’m voting “yes.”

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