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Opinion Line (Oct. 31)

The Giants’ Madison Bumgarner is truly a great pitcher. But was it just my biased imagination, or did he seem to get the call every time the ball was anywhere near the strike zone? Whatever the case, Kansas City had a great season and postseason.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line Extra (Oct. 31)

Whatever happened to “truth in advertising” laws? If they are still on the books, why don’t they apply to election commercials and fliers? Whose job is it to enforce them?

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Opinion Line (Oct. 30)

The sales tax increase that funded the Intrust Bank Arena a few years ago seemed fairly painless. We need the things the current proposal would fund a lot more than we needed the arena.

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Opinion Line (Oct. 29)

I’m glad to see that the Kellogg Super Speedway is getting closer to completion. Now the guy in the red Challenger who drives 80-plus every morning may be able to top 100.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (Oct. 28)

Securing the border is a good intention, but how about securing the state? It would be easier to find and remove the tens of thousands of illegal aliens living in Kansas than to try to get the federal government to secure the border.

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