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Opinion Line (Jan. 28)

It seems like we are reverting back to the Roy Rogers and the Lone Ranger days when everybody carried a six-shooter and needed to practice his quick draw.

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Opinion Line (Jan. 27)

Here’s to Sedgwick County commissioners for turning down a $580,000 grant that’s just more government intervention in our lives. Who needs health agencies helping folks identify prediabetic conditions and providing proven methods to avoid insidious illnesses, personal misery, expensive hospitalizations and dependence on long-term government disability? Nice work.

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Opinion Line (Jan. 26)

We don’t pay state troopers, teachers or police and firefighters enough. But we do pay Congress, athletes and CEOs way too much. I think that explains some of our problems.

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Opinion Line (Jan. 25)

The Learjet layoffs are further evidence of a continuing dismal economy in Wichita. Perhaps the number of jobs are increasing but the quality – which includes pay and benefits – is much lower. It adds up to citizens continuing to tighten their belts and only hoping this situation improves.

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