Opinion Line

Opinion Line (Jan. 25)

The Learjet layoffs are further evidence of a continuing dismal economy in Wichita. Perhaps the number of jobs are increasing but the quality – which includes pay and benefits – is much lower. It adds up to citizens continuing to tighten their belts and only hoping this situation improves.

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Chief justice tries positive, informational approach

Last week’s State of the Judiciary address by Kansas Supreme Court Chief Justice Lawton Nuss was informational in tone, in striking contrast to the ongoing tension between the Kansas courts and the two other branches of state government over school finance, the death penalty, judicial selection and other issues.

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (Jan. 24)

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, like Columbus, Presidents and Veterans days, is a holiday where those of us in the private sector work and pay for the pensions of those in the public sector who are taking the day off.

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