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Opinion Line (July 30)

Given the events of the past month, I guess we need to make sure our financial affairs are in order before venturing out to church, the shopping mall or a movie theater. Only in America.

Now Consider This

County budget shortchanges elections staff

Sedgwick County’s 2016 budget proposal touts the addition of two election workers as serving the County Commission’s goals for improving core county services. But County Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman requested four new staff positions, and told The Eagle editorial board she “did not give consent to the removal of the two positions.”

Opinion Line

Opinion Line (July 29)

I am outraged by the actions of the Sedgwick County Commission majority. Reneging on funding agreements and pulling back on shared commitments to “pay cash for roads and bridges”? I smell personal agendas and ideology. Get ready for the community blowback. It’s coming.

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