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Opinion Line Extra (March 20)

It is absolutely angering and frustrating that with all of the problems in the U.S. and Wichita, President Obama and Mayor Carl Brewer are spending time picking basketball teams. I suggest they immediately lose their current jobs so that they can spend all of their time focusing on sports.

Opinion Line (March 19)

As a KU grad, I’m rooting for KU. As a Kansan, I’m rooting for KU, K-State and WSU. The Shockers have wanted to face the level of competition that their in-state brothers play to prove that they’re worthy of their lofty ranking, so now is their time to shine.

Opinion Line Extra (March 19)

I was just wondering can I sue Sedgwick County to get my money back. I was taxed like everyone else to get the arena downtown. However, there has not been anything I wanted to go to. If you are not a country music fan, demand a refund.

Opinion Line Extra (March 18)

For reasons that should be obvious to anyone who’s been around Wichita for very long, I recommend naming the airport after Clyde Cessna and Walter Beech. Ike never did for this town what they did.

Opinion Line (March 18)

The burden to pay for President Obama’s solution to income inequality will fall on the middle-class American, just as it always has.

Opinion Line (March 17)

Boo-hoo. Sen. Dianne Feinstein is hopping mad the CIA surveilled her staffers’ computers. Like Rep. Mike Pompeo, she is an adamant supporter of the NSA spying on U.S. citizens and maybe appreciates our loss of privacy now.

Opinion Line Extra (March 17)

The WSU basketball team deserves our praise and thanks. We thank Gregg Marshall and his assistants, for they are a team also. Marshall not only prepares those young men for the game of basketball but also the game of life.

Opinion Line (March 16)

Now is the perfect time to change the Mid-Continent name because of the new terminal. Dwight D. Eisenhower was a great president from Kansas who saved the free world and deserves to have the airport named after him.

Opinion Line (March 15)

Did anyone check to see if the missing Malaysian plane landed at Jabara Airport?

Opinion Line (March 14)

I appreciated tea partiers’ vocal opposition to government deficits. But now that many have been elected to public office, I wonder: Why are they not livid about the massive deficits projected because of Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts? Or have they just become a wing of the budget-busting Republican Party?

Opinion Line Extra (March 14)

Billionaire George Soros funds a multitude of left-wing progressive organizations, so it is total hypocrisy when the left demonizes the Koch brothers.

Opinion Line Extra (March 13)

It is human nature to want to belong to a group, either left or right. But it is also our job to fight against this impulse and learn to work with each other.

Opinion Line (March 13)

Since when does being too poor to afford anything mean you “qualify” for everything for free? Since America lost its way. If you can’t afford something, you learn to do without. That’s the way back.

Opinion Line Extra (March 12)

The Shockers follow two mantras to perfection. They “play angry” and “refuse to lose.”

Opinion Line (March 12)

Why is it so many folks are so negative toward the Koch brothers? They have helped Wichita and Kansas in so many ways. They are donating money everywhere to help mankind. Look how many jobs they provide to all, and even union workers. I don’t understand how they can be portrayed as bad.

Opinion Line Extra (March 11)

It is distressing how some people have such low morals in this day and age. They don’t care whom they hurt as long as they have their personal gratification.

Opinion Line (March 11)

If I hear one more pundit on ESPN ask, “Well, who have the Shockers really played?” I’m going to slap the TV. It is insulting to suggest the Missouri Valley Conference is not full of talented and worthy opponents. “Thank you” to the whole Missouri Valley for a wonderful season.

Opinion Line Extra (March 10)

Now all the new airport needs is a larger-than-life statue of Ike called “Keeper of the Planes” surrounded by fire-spewing jet engines.

Opinion Line (March 10)

Conservatives said President Obama’s meaningless “red lines” in Syria were an omen of bad things to come. Russia’s Vladimir Putin saw weakness and knew Obama wouldn’t respond militarily to an invasion of Crimea.

Opinion Line (March 9)

Dwight D. Eisenhower was a great American and Kansan. His name will be proudly attached to our city’s airport. He truly was an officer and a gentleman.

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