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Opinion Line (June 29)

If you don’t like the scandal in the White House, check back tomorrow.

Opinion Line (June 28)

I remember when the U.S. sent a few “advisers” to Vietnam.

Opinion Line (June 27)

Everyone talks about bad bosses. Where’s all the talk about bad employees? The ones who feel entitled, the slackers, the ones who let others do the work, the ones who take too many cigarette breaks, etc. Let’s even the field regarding bad bosses versus bad employees.

Opinion Line Extra (June 27)

WSU president John Bardo needs to wake up and smell the fact that it is not a good thing to have fewer parking spots in the middle of campus due to plopping a new building right in the middle of it.

Opinion Line (June 26)

The Second Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms doesn’t restrict us to flintlocks any more than the First Amendment’s freedom of speech only applies to writings with a quill pen on parchment.

Opinion Line Extra (June 26)

I guess Iraq needed a harsh dictator in Saddam Hussein to keep everyone in line.

Opinion Line (June 25)

I simply cannot decide if the bigger fools are the majority of the politicians in Topeka or the people who elected them.

Opinion Line Extra (June 25)

If ancient astronauts really did visit this planet in the distant past, and bestow upon the barbaric and ignorant inhabitants the idea of gods and the worship thereof, I wish they would come back and clean up the mess they created.

Opinion Line (June 24)

It’s almost comical that we would send 300 “advisers” to Iraq. To advise them about what? We can’t even get our own house in order, but we’re going to go tell them what to do?

Opinion Line Extra (June 24)

I watched President Obama award a young, grievously wounded Marine lance corporal the Medal of Honor for throwing himself onto a grenade to shield a comrade. I only wish the president had shown more respect for the Marine and the medal by ensuring it hung correctly around the neck while being clasped.

Opinion Line (June 23)

I suppose it’s possible the farsighted Founding Fathers anticipated the need for men (not slaves, Native Americans or women) to have the right to carry fully automatic flintlock weapons.

Opinion Line Extra (June 23)

Barack Obama is the Neville Chamberlain of our time. My heartfelt apologies go to both the free world and struggling Third World governments.

Opinion Line (June 22)

So, I can be charged a fee if my burglar alarm goes off falsely, but a woman can complain about her cheeseburger to 911 and get off scot-free while legitimate calls are on hold? Charge a fee if people call 911 for other than real emergencies. You have their phone numbers.

Opinion Line (June 21)

I predict that with the president’s poll numbers tanking there will be more giveaways by the government, buying support.

Opinion Line (June 20)

It’s only mid-June and I’m already sick of Pat Roberts’ and Mike Pompeo’s campaign commercials. I’ll probably be comatose by Election Day.

Opinion Line Extra (June 20)

Lois Lerner’s statement that “sometimes stuff just happens” goes a long way toward explaining why so much “stuff” of a bovine nature is coming out of the IRS. It also indicates that she may be a very slow Lerner.

Opinion Line Extra (June 19)

I am glad we caught one of the terrorists who attacked our Benghazi compound. Good job, special forces. But why in the world did we release five terrorists that are even worse than this guy? One step up, two steps back?

Opinion Line (June 19)

It is great to watch the terrorists drive our tax dollars around in Iraq. Looks just like the fall of South Vietnam. Billions and billions of dollars wasted on equipment.

Opinion Line (June 18)

Iraq is exploding and Syria is a wreck. Doing nothing clearly hasn’t worked. We should have listened to Rep. Mike Pompeo when he argued to be more engaged in the region. I’m ashamed of yelling at his office during the Syria debate.

Opinion Line Extra (June 18)

If our government can’t keep up with the five old Taliban fighters, then all of the fuss over the CIA, NSA and FBI invading our private lives is meaningless. We know where they are, what they look like, and whom they are talking to. Like fish in a barrel.

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