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Opinion Line (July 13)

It would seem to be a no-brainer that existing buildings the city owns should be used for the law enforcement training center, but maybe that’s expecting too much.

Opinion Line (July 12)

The governor has shown that he can’t save the state from financial woes, so he has now undertaken the saving of the prairie chickens. Poor prairie chickens.

Opinion Line (July 11)

Why is no one asking the question about why we took thousands of Cubans, and now we turn our backs on our Latin American neighbors? Their problem is every bit as bad.

Opinion Line Extra (July 11)

So many fireworks on this Fourth of July but so few American flags in the front yards. What were these people celebrating?

Opinion Line (July 10)

As a Kansas taxpayer, I really don’t care that state revenues are less than expected due to the governor’s tax cuts, which let us working folks keep a little more of the money we’ve earned. It’s our money. Prioritize and make cuts where they are needed.

Opinion Line Extra (July 10)

Any fool can incorporate an individual corporation, then open a lemonade stand and claim to be exempt from the state income tax.

Opinion Line (July 9)

Conservatives want everyone to succeed regardless of race, religion or gender. Liberals think only the chosen few are meant to succeed. That’s why their policies are meant to keep the commoners in poverty.

Opinion Line Extra (July 9)

What a great country we are for accepting and caring for the children here illegally from countries where living conditions are dangerous. While we are at it we should roll out the welcome mat to children from Iraq, Syria, North Korea and Africa. We can extend invitations to others after we have absorbed those.

Opinion Line Extra (July 8)

Is it racism that President Obama gets away with breaking constitutional law when others (white) have been impeached?

Opinion Line (July 8)

Political commercials airing now on TV are nauseatingly condescending to the electorate. They either make the subject a candidate for sainthood and the greatest patriot who ever lived, or they misrepresent and prevaricate about what the opponent has said or done. Who would vote for anyone who approves these messages?

Opinion Line (July 7)

While electricity, gas and water utilities frequently request rate increases to cover their cost of doing business, I can’t recall the last time my trash service raised its rates. It faces the same economic trials as other businesses, yet doesn’t transfer that burden to customers.

Opinion Line Extra (July 7)

You’re right. We should use its proper name, the Democratic People’s Party.

Opinion Line (July 6)

So now that corporations are citizens and can donate unlimited amounts to candidates and hold religious views, are they going to be voting next?

Opinion Line (July 5)

I am greatly offended by the suggestion that Americans died in Iraq in honor of our country and God, and that some still think Iraq was responsible for Sept. 11. Iraq had nothing to do with it. The whole thing was based on lies about weapons of mass destruction.

Opinion Line Extra (July 4)

A qualification for being president is that the candidate must be at least 35 years old. So why is Obama acting like an irate 2-year-old who needs a diaper change?

Opinion Line (July 4)

I celebrate the Fourth of July by reading the Declaration, honoring the founders, contemplating what it took to gain our independence and remembering those who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice in service to America. Shoot fireworks if you must; just remember what it is you’re celebrating.

Opinion Line (July 3)

Hobby Lobby will continue to provide 16 of the 20 forms of contraception required under Obamacare. If 16 forms of contraception are not enough for you, maybe you need a large daily dose of self-restraint.

Opinion Line Extra (July 3)

Would someone explain to me how shooting off millions of wasted dollars on fireworks on July 4 is patriotic? All fireworks are made in China, which gets a big boost to its economy.

Opinion Line (July 2)

Wow – great decisions in the past two weeks by the Supreme Court. The do-gooder Obama pundits must be lined up at the top of the cliff.

Opinion Line Extra (July 2)

Wichita police officers: When you have your windshield wipers on, you must have your headlights on. This is the state law since 2006.

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