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Opinion Line (April 5)

It was amazing how quickly the Obama administration came up with 7.1 million enrolled in the Affordable Care Act when for months it couldn’t give us any numbers.

Opinion Line Extra (April 4)

U.S. military intervention over Crimea? Are you nuts? Why is ignorance in vogue in America? Could it be Archie Bunker’s fault? President Obama knows better than to burden America’s legacy with the memory of enumerable dead and wounded over nothing, the way Bush and the unconscionable Cheney did.

Opinion Line (April 4)

If we changed the name of lesser prairie chickens to “richer prairie chickens,” then I’m sure the red states would bend over backward to help them.

Opinion Line (April 3)

Enough Kansas and Wichita bashing. I’ve lived in Southern California, Kentucky and Maryland. I’ll take Wichita over any of them. This is a great state and a great city. I’m proud to be a Kansan. Of course it’s not perfect. So help instead of whining.

Opinion Line Extra (April 3)

If you like totalitarian government, vote Republican. Once in office, they will vote to control everything from the bedroom to the doctor’s office to the invasion of sovereign countries to everything in between.

Opinion Line Extra (April 2)

Every day we read how the city is going broke. Stop wasting money on stupid projects like renaming the airport. I have traveled in numerous airports, and I couldn’t care less what their names are and only call them by the name of the cities they are in.

Opinion Line (April 2)

How long before Little League players demand to form unions and get paid for their efforts?

Opinion Line Extra (April 1)

Our Constitution gives us personal religious freedom, not corporation religious freedom. Corporations have no religion, and just because you own one does not give you the right to force your personal beliefs on others.

Opinion Line (April 1)

The Obamacare scheme was to knock millions out of their existing health care plans. Then, when they have to sign up for Obamacare, the Democrats can claim they saved these people by offering them Obamacare. Few of those signed up had no health care before Obamacare made them lose it.

Opinion Line Extra (March 31)

I laugh aloud every time I read a comment about how Republicans want to hurt women. Get a grip.

Opinion Line (March 31)

The first time I voted against slots. I’ve changed my mind, and now these idiot politicians are telling me I can’t vote again until I’m 73. What country are we in? That’s not the American way. What next?

Opinion Line (March 30)

So the Senate and President Susan Wagle don’t want people to be able to vote for a casino in Sedgwick County for the next 18 years. And people say that our government is not trying to take away our rights. Have senators forgotten how that question on slot machines was misworded and misunderstood the last time?

Opinion Line (March 29)

As an American citizen, I would like to see our “world police force” back off. Ukraine, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan are not our problem, and it is not our responsibility to intervene in their affairs. NATO forces seem to be 90 percent American and 10 percent from other countries.

Opinion Line (March 28)

It is interesting to see how fast the Wichita City Council could come up with $9.7 million in a few weeks for a parking garage renovation, but it has yet, after 10 years, to find $30 million (based on a decade-old cost estimate) for a new library. Follow the money.

Opinion Line Extra (March 28)

Elected officials should not be extremely conservative or liberal. They should be independent thinkers. Yet, with campaigns costing millions, a candidate’s principles are seductively influenced by wealthy contributors who have self-ingratiating agendas. Want to win an election? Think their way. So who’s watching out for the everyday people?

Opinion Line (March 27)

President Obama’s performance at the meeting in the Hague was not so pretty. Disheveled and uneven, in both countenance and speech, he showed the whole world how weak we are. Even his strongest supporters see it. The amateur has tapped out.

Opinion Line Extra (March 27)

The agenda of the left is becoming very clear to everyone else, as they just call those who disagree names like “bigots,” “haters” and “homophobes,” and will never discuss the merits of our argument. They have shouted us down in the past, but no more. Stand strong for right.

Opinion Line Extra (March 26)

It is very comforting to see the Supreme Court and the governor of Kansas working on education funding. Everything is always easier when people work together. Now, about that health care thing….

Opinion Line (March 26)

Renewable portfolio standard supporters are really saying to keep the wealth transfer from taxpayers and ratepayers going because it benefits a few Kansas taxing authorities, businesses, employees and farmers.

Opinion Line (March 25)

How WSU played the game on Sunday brought honor and national recognition to the team and changed the minds of many jaded sports commentators who now believe that WSU can play with the best. The team should be so proud.

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