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Opinion Line (July 24)

Israel has been more than tolerant of Hamas sending thousands of rockets and missiles into Israeli cities. Israel has every right to fight back and turn the Gaza Strip into a parking lot if it wants, as long as the Palestinians allow Hamas to stay.

Opinion Line Extra (July 24)

Since my son was born on the anniversary of man walking on the moon, does that make him a mooner? If so, he is taking his given title rather seriously.

Opinion Line Extra (July 23)

Is there one TV ad or flier where Pat Roberts recounts what he’s done for Kansas? All I’ve seen are vague statements about being tough, tested, trusted, against Obama, but where’s his proof? His list of accomplishments should be too numerous to name, but he should try anyway.

Opinion Line (July 23)

Vladimir Putin was sailing along having his way with the world. Then came Flight 17. One went down in flames, with the other to follow shortly.

Opinion Line (July 22)

Hillary Clinton did not accomplish anything meaningful as secretary of state. She failed horribly with Benghazi. She’s a good talker but a poor choice for president.

Opinion Line Extra (July 22)

People should stay and strive to make their country a better place instead of abandoning it. Stop taking advantage of America hospitality. Our standard of living goes down one illegal immigrant at a time.

Opinion Line (July 21)

We have been told that the world simply has too many people and the quality of life will decline because of that. Following this reasoning, we should cheer when our town or state loses population, as that should improve our quality of life.

Opinion Line Extra (July 21)

Apparently, most of those elected to represent their districts have no idea what all the constituents want. They seem to vote their own personal beliefs. Should somebody remind them there were elected to represent everyone, not just their special interests?

Opinion Line (July 20)

Paranoid much, Rick Santorum? To have such an “us against them” mentality sure explains a lot about why this country is at a standstill. Nothing gets passed by Congress because “the other side” might get some credit for it. What a sad and ridiculous attitude.

Opinion Line (July 19)

“We’re going to send them back.” Another lie told to us by our president.

Opinion Line (July 18)

These political TV commercials – complete fabrication. In fact, it’s the only fabrication (manufacturing) that we have left. Mike Pompeo helped save aircraft jobs? Hello? Boeing is gone. How about legislation aimed at reducing the outsourcing of jobs?

Opinion Line Extra (July 18)

I will not vote for any candidate who is trying to repeal Obamacare. Four members of my family now have good health insurance at a reasonable premium, something they never could afford before. Many people feel this way, so why do the politicians even say that?

Opinion Line (July 17)

Until the U.S. makes it more difficult for illegals to enter the country and limits, rather than expands, the benefits, rights and privileges available to those who are here, we will face crisis after crisis at the border.

Opinion Line Extra (July 17)

Stock markets hit bubbles of euphoria followed by a big crash. Beanie Babies did, as did housing prices. So too after being elected in manic enthusiasm, our now-boring president is seeing his popularity plummet into a crater.

Opinion Line (July 16)

With all the money Boeing has saved getting out from under the union contracts and letting Spirit build its fuselages, it could fish one out of the water every day and still be money ahead.

Opinion Line Extra (July 16)

How can you know if you are a racist? If you say stuff such as “If President Obama were white, he would have been impeached five years ago,” then it’s a safe bet you are.

Opinion Line Extra (July 15)

The president isn’t interested in photo ops? The man is king of the photo op and may wear out Air Force One by staging them for eight years.

Opinion Line (July 15)

It was pathetic to see the president doing his best imitation of Stan Laurel at a Dallas fundraiser while leaving the heavy lifting regarding the Texas border crisis to Gov. Rick Perry. Is Obama running again in 2016?

Opinion Line (July 14)

Reporters had more respect than to photograph FDR’s wheelchair or discuss his polio. We have lost our self-respect when we defame the office and the man who is serving as our current commander in chief. It is unfortunate for our nation and its citizens to have lost respect for everything.

Opinion Line Extra (July 14)

All fireworks require is common sense. Getting drunk and shooting aerial shells in a small cul-de-sac at 1 a.m. does not qualify.

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