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Opinion Line Extra (April 15)

As the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act is being observed, it is disturbing to realize that the Roberts court is issuing rulings that seem intended to nullify the act.

Opinion Line (April 15)

Young people do not want to buy health insurance because they believe they will not use it. Why should seniors pay high water prices now for something they will not use in the future?

Opinion Line (April 14)

Now that it’s illegal to not have health insurance, shouldn’t it be unnecessary to force hospital emergency rooms to treat anyone who comes in the door, regardless of their ability to pay?

Opinion Line Extra (April 14)

It’s not too late for the Wichita City Council members to reverse their decision to rename ICT, thereby saving their jobs and avoiding forever being labeled wasteful spenders of taxpayer dollars. If they’re just going to throw my tax dollars down a hole, I’d rather have them back.

Anthony Hensley: Brownback should listen to a teacher

When Gov. Sam Brownback delivered his 2013 State of the State message to a joint session of the Legislature, he said: “And of all those you could learn from, may I suggest paying particular attention to a teacher?”

Opinion Line (April 13)

If Hobby Lobby gets out of the parts of the Affordable Care Act that it doesn’t approve of, how do I stop any of my tax dollars from going to any non-public school?

Opinion Line (April 12)

Thank God Kathleen Sebelius resigned. One message to her: Don’t come back to Kansas. You are not welcome here.

Opinion Line (April 11)

In general, it has been more fun watching the Kansas Legislature this year than even my drunkest uncles on Thanksgiving.

Opinion Line Extra (April 11)

Someone told me that if a politician’s lips are moving, there is a 99 percent chance he is lying. I thought that was very generous.

Opinion Line Extra (April 10)

Regarding people who say, “Don’t mess with my Medicare”: It seems odd how people like what they like, and exhibit no reservations claiming their unlimited entitlement, so long as someone else pays for it. With zero consideration to the fact that the program (Medicare) is wholly and completely bankrupt.

Opinion Line (April 10)

Is it really necessary to include “Dwight D.” in the new name for the airport? Are you afraid we’ll confuse him with Mamie? Wichita Eisenhower Airport is plenty of name.

Opinion Line Extra (April 9)

It’s astonishing and disheartening that some people are foolish enough to take the myth of “Noah” and the ark so seriously that they object to the “artistic license” in the movie. How is it possible to inaccurately depict the events in what is essentially a fairy tale?

Opinion Line (April 9)

Bush versus Clinton in 2016? These two names from the past, combined with Obama, are part of the reason we’re in a mess. Let’s look to the future by getting some new blood in the White House.

Opinion Line (April 8)

Our Kansas Legislature is determined to make sure we have the worst educational system in the country. But everyone can have a gun, so it’s all good.

Opinion Line Extra (April 8)

Don’t like gay marriage? Don’t get one. Don’t like abortions? Don’t have one. Don’t like drugs? Don’t do them. Don’t like guns? Don’t buy one. Just mind your own business, and I’ll be minding mine.

Opinion Line Extra (April 7)

The current design of the Eisenhower memorial in Washington, D.C., is either ostentatious or obscene. I cannot decide which. No wonder the Eisenhower family has rejected that design.

Opinion Line (April 7)

Would someone introduce a bill disallowing any property- or sales-tax hikes for 20 years?

Opinion Line (April 6)

How inspiring to read the amazing message from Charles Koch in the Wall Street Journal. If President Obama and Harry Reid would hang around him instead of bad-mouthing him, maybe they could learn how business is created and works. Obama and Reid only meet with liberal businesses that want funding.

Opinion Line (April 5)

It was amazing how quickly the Obama administration came up with 7.1 million enrolled in the Affordable Care Act when for months it couldn’t give us any numbers.

Opinion Line Extra (April 4)

U.S. military intervention over Crimea? Are you nuts? Why is ignorance in vogue in America? Could it be Archie Bunker’s fault? President Obama knows better than to burden America’s legacy with the memory of enumerable dead and wounded over nothing, the way Bush and the unconscionable Cheney did.

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