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Letters to the editor on boys ranch, special education students, Wichita Children’s Home, Dole, ‘new’ Democrats, Scouting, Trees for Life

As a resident at Judge Riddel Boys Ranch, I would like Sedgwick County commissioners to think about the ranch from a personal perspective. It is personal to me in the sense that the boys ranch dramatically changed my life. It opened my eyes to many things that I have not had the audacity to look at before.

Letters to the editor on Legislature, vitamins, shingles, Sterling, infallibility

How does the Legislature get away with cutting funds for schools, the poor, sick, elderly and disabled, and just running wild? It’s because we have all heard of the Legislature but nobody understands it.

Letters to the editor on wind power, federal power, leaving Union, illegal immigration, gorilla kiss

Westar Energy is seeking yet another rate increase citing increased energy costs as the reason. I find this difficult to understand.

Letters to the editor on violating the ballot, prayer not required, Kochs, miss car

U.S. Senate candidate Milton Wolf and the tea party both have some good ideas that need to be aired and debated. However, their recent attempts to silence the opposition by political and legal trickery would seem to be an attempt to silence public debate, and leave one to wonder what kind of political or personal issues they do not want discussed (“Panel upholds Sen. Roberts’ re-election bid,” May 13 Eagle). If they had wanted to use their point in the debate, I would have considered it, along with the rest of their positions.

Letters to the editor on East High protest, Soaring Student Awards, Paycheck Fairness Act

Bravo to Jessica Saysombat and Alexis Banzet (“2 girls suspended from East over protest fliers,” May 10 Eagle). Perhaps the use of a word offensive to some was over the top, but the message was right on.

Letters to the editor on diaper shortage, APRNs, testing 12th-graders, veteran driver’s license rule, faith-based films

Regarding “‘Diaper need’ can adversely affect babies, studies show” (May 6 Healthy Living): At First United Methodist Church, the committee working with the homeless and very low-income families is aware of the problems caused by a lack of disposable diapers, and we are getting to the bottom of it.

Letters to the editor on Medicaid expansion, sexuality, AFP

Five years ago I got cancer. Nasty cancer. I wasn’t supposed to live, but I did.

Letters to the editor on takeover of Medicare, KanCare, development megasite, due process, Sedgwick statue, Benghazi

I recently wrote a letter to Gov. Sam Brownback letting him know how worried and concerned I would be if Kansas took over my Medicare. I’m quite sure many other seniors wrote similar letters. I have received a form letter, as I’m sure others have, in which Brownback says he “was pleased to sign HB 2553 into law on April 22, 2014.”

Letters to the editor on conservative stars, Krauthammer, Eagle delivery problem, eagle exhibit, God’s Word

Richard A. Viguerie is a conservative – not to be confused with being a Republican – and a tea party supporter (“Civil war for soul of the GOP is about to turn,” May 6 Opinion). He is a pioneer in the business of direct political mailings.

Letters to the editor on Boeing engineering jobs, Joyland’s carousel, Bunting

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over Boeing’s plans to move 1,300 engineering jobs from Washington state and California to low-wage, crony-capitalist states such as Alabama and South Carolina (April 30 Business Today), but that’s because I’m not directly affected. I don’t work for Boeing, own stock in it or plan on flying much in the future.

Letters to the editor on boys ranch, Brownback experiment, Benghazi

I would like to express my unhappiness regarding decisions the state has made about the funding of Judge James V. Riddel Boys Ranch (May 6 Eagle). I have significant knowledge of the situations that these boys come from and the help that the staff and programs at the ranch provide.

Letters to the editor on voting in primaries, Westar outages, amnesty, reservist in Mexican jail, Sterling’s lifetime ban

Surveys have shown that a substantial majority of Kansans are very dissatisfied with the decisions and performance of our state politicians. The problems start with the primary elections.

Letters to the editor on mortgage-registration tax, noise pollution, God’s intentions

In a letter sent last month to lending institutions and title companies, Sedgwick County Manager William Buchanan sounded more like a political candidate than a non-biased employee of the county. Buchanan warned of likely reduction of services if the Legislature passed a bill regarding the mortgage-registration tax, and he placed the blame for those reductions squarely on the shoulders of bankers and Realtors.

Letters to the editor on hunger drive, voting out state leaders, regulating business

Saturday will mark the 22nd anniversary of one of America’s great days in giving, the National Association of Letter Carriers Stamp Out Hunger food drive.

End the election insanity

Are we, the citizens of Sedgwick County and Kansas, insane? According to one definition, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. By that definition, perhaps we are insane.

Letters to the editor on school realities, securing firearms, grazing rights, Play Day

The statements by House Speaker Ray Merrick, R-Stilwell, about the effects of the school-finance bill displayed blissful ignorance at best or outright distortions at worst (“School bill empowers students,” April 23 Opinion). This bill was crafted to fit a right-wing view of public education without any regard to reality.

Letters to the editor on GOP denying accountability, workplace safety, Bunting, heaven, confession

So it’s President Obama who is responsible for the shortfall of millions of dollars in Kansas income taxes – according to the Republican governor and Republican Legislature (May 1 Eagle). And the president did it in the two weeks since the state revenue estimates.

Letters to the editor on death penalty, net metering, APRNs, health compact, homosexuality

It tugged at my heartstrings when I read that the execution of Oklahoma inmate Clayton D. Lockett went awry (April 30 Eagle). It infuriates me that so much attention is given to the perpetrator of such heinous crimes.

Letters to the editor on school-finance numbers, tyranny in Topeka, affirmative action

The article “Old school-finance figures used” (April 29 Local & State) gave a false impression about the law and the facts.

Letters to the editor on Medicare takeover, gun law, Brownback, Pakistan aid

When Gov. Sam Brownback declined to allow a federal expansion of Medicaid to our state, I thought: “How foolish to allow our hard-earned tax money to be spent in other states, just because he is afraid of the Affordable Care Act.” But because I am well-covered outside of the ACA, it doesn’t affect me. It only hurts the poorest of the poor.

Letters to the editor on judicial bill, gas prices, Ayn Rand, Koch takeover, Cliven Bundy

Regarding “Eroding court’s authority” (April 11 Eagle Editorial): While accusing the Legislature of coercively tying court system reforms to badly needed funding, The Eagle editorial board overlooked the historic funding provided for our Kansas judicial branch that prevents any furloughs and the unifying impact statewide electronic case management will have on all 31 judicial districts across Kansas.

Letters to the editor on unlicensed teachers, worker safety

The recently passed and signed education bill taking due process away from teachers also makes it easier for schools to hire people to teach based on their real-world experience in science, engineering or technology (April 22 Eagle). I experienced one of these “teachers” when I was a senior in high school.

Letters to the editor on attack on schools, Medicare takeover, ACA, stoplights, how conservatives feel, Levy prom

It came as no surprise when Gov. Sam Brownback signed the school-funding bill last week. The governor’s and extremist legislators’ continued attacks on public schools and communities are no secret. These same types of attacks have been orchestrated across the country by the people behind the American Legislative Exchange Council and Americans for Prosperity.

Letters to the editor on Sebelius, homosexuality, Krauthammer, Cal Thomas, restaurant music, YMCA volunteers

Every Kansas woman, regardless of party affiliation, should be honored by how U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has represented our state.

Letters to the editor on going backward on schools, images of young black men, GM food labels, Pompeo

With the passage of the school-finance bill, conservative legislators have suddenly become education experts. They tout that the educational reforms they passed will help students. I say: Show me the numbers that support this.

Letters to the editor on RPS, noise pollution

Kansas House members made the right decision last month when they voted to maintain the state’s renewable portfolio standard. Keeping the RPS ensures that Kansas businesses are able to use our state’s natural wind resources to create jobs and further economic development.

Letters to the editor on punishing teachers, Cal Thomas

Denying tenure to K-12 teachers was a policy change added to a bill late at night and was aimed at punishing teachers for lawmakers having to appropriate additional money for education. It was never vetted or examined by the public.

Letters to the editor on Medicare bill, Earth Day, prairie chicken, Israeli-Palestinian conflict

It is my dearest wish for the governor to emulate Pope Francis and show compassion for the poor, disabled, elderly, sick and anyone else needing compassion. Thus far, the governor has mostly shown compassion for the rich who are funding his campaign.

Letters to the editor on GM foods, national debt, Beechcraft Plant II

Regarding the talking points of Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, on genetically modified foods (“Modified foods are needed, safe,” April 13 Opinion):

Letters to the editor on KC shooting, Brownback facts, Medicare takeover, due process, public servants

The first lesson from the shootings in Overland Park reminds us that we have enemies, and the second lesson is that we have friends and allies in the world. The second lesson is as important as the first, because it teaches us that we are not alone.

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