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Letters to the editor on Federal Reserve, GOP questions, bad ideas, Obamacare

The Eagle reported that the city of Wichita is paying down its debts by refinancing at historically low rates and reducing what it would otherwise be obliged to pay in interest (Jan. 26 Local & State). Just how those rates got so darned low wasn’t exactly explained – but who cares? Just think of it as the work of some financial Robin Hood, and hope that however he does it, he keeps the relief coming, right?

Letters to the editor on religious freedoms bill, Point of Rocks, Krauthammer, Forum production

Regarding how the Point of Rocks landmark near Dodge City may soon be bulldozed to make way for the widening of a highway (Jan. 27 Eagle), I would like to make these comments:

Letters to the editor on public transportation, south Wichita parks, equality, government solutions, executive orders, Ike airport, KPI ad, WSU orchestra trip

Mayor Carl Brewer’s State of the City address last week stressed important issues that we can all undertake to help fuel long-term progress in our community (Jan. 29 Eagle). One priority the mayor outlined struck a chord: Wichitans must look out for each other. We should further our commitment to supporting our community and the organizations and people within it.

Letters to the editor on Huelskamp tweet, older caregivers, Shinn, Bridges program, KWCH men

As a Hutchinson native, I was disgusted by comments by U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Fowler.

Letters to the editor on concealed-carry, GOP hijacking, free enterprise, slots at dog track, MLK event

I was appalled to see that the organizers of the Kansas Republican convention not only requested that the Hyatt Regency Hotel allow concealed-carry guns when they met there, but that it was a condition for their use of the facility (Jan. 24 Eagle). Though I realize that this is partly a symbolic move to emphasize gun rights as part of the Republican platform, it is also an example of conceal-carry gun owners wanting to function as security in a public building.

Letters to the editor on surrogacy, school lunches, Obamacare

My husband and I are very concerned about Senate Bill 302, introduced this week by Sen. Mary Pilcher-Cook, R-Shawnee, which would ban surrogacy contracts in Kansas. We wrote Pilcher-Cook, and her response seemed anything but sincere. She attached three “articles” (actually just blogs) claiming surrogacy pregnancies were for “single-by-choice” dads and same-sex partnerships. Her attached articles further stated that “America must fight for stable families.”

Letters to the editor on Iraq, Israeli apartheid, intolerant Democrats

It’s happened again, just as it did 40 years ago when we left Saigon. Our soldiers fought and died in Iraq; they left, and now the insurgents have returned, taking over cities our soldiers fought for.

Letters to the editor on wind power, abortion, personal beliefs, Vatican bank, wonderful teacher

In 2012, we spent $570 million buying coal for Kansas power plants, according to a Union of Concerned Scientists report. Wyoming alone took $555 million out of our economy. That’s about $197 from each of us, one of the highest per-capita interstate transfers of wealth for coal in the nation.

Letters to the editor on abandoned baby, wind facts, segregation memory

Recently, a young woman chose to leave her newborn child at a Wichita hospital, and the story was heavily covered in the local media (Jan. 23 Local & State). Opinion on the “correctness” of her choice is irrelevant.

Letters to the editor on public transportation, expanding Medicaid, Brownback’s experiment, King Air, Glenn Cunningham, begging mail

“It’s not just a car, it’s your freedom.” This 20th-century slogan exemplifies American’s love with the automobile, which was fueled by cheap oil. As the car became king, many public and private mass transit systems declined, including a trolley system in Wichita.

Letters to the editor on coach Shinn, custody of grandkids, abortion

It has been said that a teacher can have a lifelong influence on a young student. That’s also true of coaches who mold lives rather than just coach a sport. Truman Shinn coached me and 13 other young boys in the seventh and eighth grades at Pleasant Valley Junior High in 1957 (“Crash kills popular former teacher, coach,” Jan. 22 Local & State).

Letters to the editor on death penalty, abortion, GOP, gun control

The Legislature is considering bills to repeal the death penalty and replace it with a mandatory life sentence without parole for capital murder. I encourage those who support such important legislation to take action by asking their legislators to support Senate Bill 126 and House Bill 2397.

Letters to the editor on concealed-carry, abortion rights, Medicaid expansion, Obama

A letter writer eloquently expressed his concern over recent changes to the concealed-carry policy regarding public buildings (“Reconsider vote on concealed-carry,” Jan. 20 Letters to the Editor). I would ask the writer to consider the following:

Letters to the editor on forcing faith on others, Israel

I am a retired Episcopal priest, and one of my struggles with my fellow Christians is the seeming immaturity and shallowness of faith that calls them to try to force their faith on others. They attempt to stamp public places and events with their personal symbols of piety (“Lawsuit filed over Oklahoma Ten Commandments monument,” Jan. 16 Local & State).

Letters to the editor on death penalty, poor choices, wind energy, gun freedoms, Eagle Scout project, TV reporters

A Jan. 17 Eagle article on the Legislature’s consideration of the death penalty hit the nail on the head: This discussion is all about emotion, on both sides. But should something this important be left to emotional arguments?

Letters to the editor on concealed-carry, Benghazi, clean water, faded paint

As we celebrate the birth and work of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., it is good to honor the nonviolence and compassion that led his mission. At the same time, he was a victim of a growing culture of violence, fatally shot with one bullet. The glorification of the so-called right to bear arms has continued.

Letters to the editor on freeloaders, abortion, GOP hypocrisy, Obamacare, slots at dog track, school bus drivers, comics

Working at a local food bank warehouse last week, I heard the radio playing the same ad I had been seeing and hearing all week. It was about how Obamacare is hurting the American people.

Letters to the editor on death benefits, radon, infallibility, comic, outstanding teacher, act of kindness

The man who killed himself on South Nevada may have been filled with the guilt of not being able to pay to bury his mother (“Bodies of man, woman found in Wichita home,” Jan. 14 Local & State). Funeral costs are ridiculous, and the Social Security death benefit would be considered adequate if we lived in the 1700s.

Letters to the editor on way forward, GOP image, PJs in public

We have all read about the woman who was robbed of her wedding ring while suffering an aneurysm in a drive-through. Later we learned that three 19-year-old boys were arrested and charged with robbery in this dastardly and heartbreaking crime. It sends an arrow of pain and anguish through us all, especially the woman’s family, that this could happen.

Letters to the editor on wind industry, education funding, Boeing truths, online commenting, long marriage

Kansans have a lot to look forward to in 2014. Our economy has seen a boost recently with the Mars plant opening in Topeka, the Siemens wind-turbine facility in Hutchinson and the intermodal rail facility in Edgerton. These developments happen because of lower taxes, a strong workforce and our renewable portfolio standard.

Letters to the editor on war on poverty, truth in taxation, Israel, minimum-wage jobs

The “war on poverty” was an intricate and highly nuanced program that, despite the factoids generated from conservative/libertarian think tanks, was very successful at lowering elder poverty from 35 percent to less than 10 percent, while Medicare has saved the elderly and their adult children from debilitating medical debt. Poor children also benefited greatly from school programs ranging from Head Start to Pell Grants. Most studies have found that the food stamp program was a success in reducing poverty – combating hunger and food insecurity while improving life outcomes for low-income children and families.

Letters to the editor on wedding ring reward, right to know, property taxes, 2014 predictions, comic diversity

Kudos to the Wichita Crime Commission for offering at least a $2,000 reward for the return of the wedding ring taken from Danielle Zimmerman on Dec. 29 as she lay dying in her automobile after suffering a brain aneurysm. Three individuals, as the result of a Crime Stoppers tip, are in custody, charged with multiple offenses.

Letters to the editor on the poor, moderate Republicans, homeless deaths, basketball challenge

A huge “thank you” to all of the students, families, fans and sponsors that supported the Greater Wichita Athletic League versus the Ark Valley Chisholm Trail League Pizza Hut/Taco Bell Basketball Challenge. Eighteen schools participated in the challenge, allowing our student athletes to be part of a fun competition that featured the best high school basketball in the state.

Letters to the editor on taxes, Farha, learning from past, concealed-carry, renaming airport

Kansas Chamber of Commerce president Mike O’Neal said that his organization has “been surprised at the delay in the realization at what this tax reform act has really meant” (“Taxes a focus as Kan. pursues job growth,” Jan. 8 Eagle). Really? Surprised?

Letters to the editor on blood drive, Joyland, arena seating, comics, kindness of strangers

Once again, we are amazed by the generosity of our community members and their willingness to step up and help in times of need.

Letters to the editor on flying feat, Mossman guitar, dull comics

Fifty years ago, on Jan. 10, 1964, a B-52 on a test mission in the Colorado mountains encountered severe turbulence and the vertical tail was torn off. The airmanship demonstrated in its landing is one of the great feats of all time.

Letters to the editor on aid to unemployed, drive-through robberies

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., said he would support an extension of recently expired unemployment benefits, but only if they were “paid for” – presumably by cutting other expenses, because he opposes tax increases.

Letters to the editor on charity Atlas, Obama, Sowell, Rose Bowl anthem, New Year’s races

Atlas, as defined by Bing Dictionary, is “a figure of a man used as support … either standing or kneeling.”

Letters to the editor on minimum-wage jobs, parade for veterans, comics change

The talk of a $15-an-hour minimum wage is ridiculous. Minimum-wage jobs require little more than a high school diploma and can be filled by almost anyone who wants to do them and is willing to show up for work every day.

Letters to the editor on health care freedom, gas prices, politics

Many object to Obamacare in the belief that a government intrusion into health care impinges on their freedom. This is mistaken, since their freedom has already been lost.

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