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Letters to the editor on gay marriage, 2nd Amendment, pigpens

Let’s take “sex” out of the conversation about gender equality. We are fully aware of how this three-letter word has been distorted in our culture, most often referred to as an act of physical intimacy and too often used pejoratively within the context of the argument about “appropriate” relationships.

Letters to the editor on library, savers, Brownback cronyism, Kansas Lincolns, gay Christians

More than just warehouses of books, libraries play multiple critical roles within the city and surrounding areas. One is battling functional illiteracy. The Wichita Public Library offers a host of programs that aim to increase literacy in all age groups – including Baby Bookworms, targeting infants and toddlers.

Letters to the editor on Flag Day, Kobach, APRNs, Andover nursing home

On this Flag Day, citizens will unite in commemoration of the American flag’s adoption. For more than 200 years, Old Glory has served as a symbol of our nation’s freedom and as a source of inspiration for our citizens. Inspired by decades of state and local celebrations, Flag Day was established by President Woodrow Wilson’s 1916 proclamation and by an act of Congress in 1949.

Letters to the editor on Planned Parenthood, voter ID, Wolf, property taxes, help for veterans

The Brownback ideology has taken down one more service to low-income families of Kansas: Planned Parenthood (May 24 Eagle). It is being forced to close its Hays health center because federal family planning funding through the Title X grant program has been cut by the Legislature.

Letters to the editor on Brownback missteps, due-process half-truths, teacher fee, voter ID, job problem

I am rarely rendered speechless, but the antics of Gov. Sam Brownback have almost made me so. The irrationality, tone deafness, outright incompetence and disregard for the good of our state defy logic.

Letters to the editor on energy policy, child abuse, abortion, veteran event

The Obama administration put forth a plan last week to cut power-plant carbon emissions by 30 percent. It’s a noble plan to reduce greenhouse gases and slow global warming.

Letters to the editor on VA scandal, cop cameras, gridlock, prisoner swap, Honor Flight, seat belts

Reading “Wichita VA ‘placed veterans at risk’” (June 3 Eagle), I could already see the Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals attempting to place blame on anything and everything other than those who are responsible.

Letters to the editor on Hermanson, Ranzau, 2nd Amendment

The Brownback administration’s appointment of Phil Hermanson as KanCare inspector general revealed a profound disregard for the health of thousands of lower-income Kansans (“Why pick Hermanson?” June 6 Eagle Editorial). Kansans can be thankful Hermanson resigned the post last week.

Letters to the editor on water contamination, senior programs, we the corporations, Bunting, Westar, Dole VA

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the city of Wichita are inept. I contacted KDHE in early May. I was told that I would be contacted within a couple of days to schedule having my water tested for contamination. That didn’t happen.

Letters to the editor on raising sales tax, economic development, foster care, tobacco, VA priorities, state government

Of course we need to repair our crumbling infrastructure. Few would argue against a long-range water plan. Job development is a priority, even though some sharpies will find a way to use it as a personal slush fund. Bake sales and voluntary donations cannot provide the vast amounts needed. We must fund such an effort through a tax. But what tax?

Letters to the editor on sales tax increase, Brownback, 2nd Amendment, global warming

The Wichita City Council adopted a draft plan to implement a 1-cent sales tax increase that would be used in part to fund a $90 million economic development fund. According to the supporters who spoke before the council, the funds would be controlled by a brand-new commission composed of three businesspeople and two City Council members.

Letters to the editor on Tiahrt-Pompeo race, Lincoln Street dam, dirty coal

We have started once again down a path toward inspired mudslinging, innuendo and good old name-calling. The Todd Tiahrt challenge to U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, will surely unleash the surly and uncivil in both.

Letters to the editor bus terminal, voter registration, pot petition, arrogant management

Occasionally I ride the buses operated by Wichita Transit. I usually embark on the bus at a stop, ride to my destination and disembark. On some occasions I transfer from one bus to another to reach my destination.

Letters to the editor on 2nd Amendment, coal, cancer care, Tuskegee Airman, Koch brothers

Many news stories about the California shootings on May 23 talked about the “madman” killer. That’s a tragic smoke screen for all of us to hide behind.

Letters to the editor on cruelty toward gay teenagers, chiropractic care, VA center

After I was born gay, I was a gay teenager in a small Kansas community where I thought I needed to be “cured.” That was to happen the year I was in the Topeka State Hospital. Instead, I learned how cruel some people are toward gay teenagers.

Letters to the editor on sales tax proposal, aquifer, arena size, living wage, VA care

I believe that the lesson learned from the Sedgwick County sales tax assessment of 1 percent established in 1985 (with 58 percent of the revenue going to Wichita) is that the use of the funds was very restrictive to only two categories (property tax reduction and assistance for infrastructure regarding bridges, roads and streets). These two categories have had an impact on a significant component of the total population.

Letters to the editor on immigration, noisy kids, caring staff

The U.S. Senate passed an immigration reform package with bipartisan support last year. The House Republican leaders will not allow their members to vote on this Senate bill.

Letters to the editor on VA clinics, chicken hawks, Benghazi

I have always received excellent care at the Robert J. Dole Veterans Affairs Medical Center. But as a winter snow bird, I can vouch for what people are complaining about. I went to the VA clinic in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., and I was told if I didn’t have a primary-care doctor there I could not be treated.

Letters to the editor on sales tax increase, KanCare, reconciling with minorities, Judge Henderson, Koch Vietnam ad, Andover nursing home

Mayor Carl Brewer believes the good citizens of Wichita will pony up another penny for a sales tax, for a job development fund, water development, stabilizing funding for Wichita Transit and the like (May 25 Eagle). Those are all worthy goals, to be sure. But they are not worthy of another regressive sales tax, most of which would fall hardest on the poor, who would have to pay even more for groceries, prescription drugs – items some consider the very necessities of life.

Letters to the editor on VA hospital, anti-veteran, Saline IUD vote

Don’t believe everything you hear about Veterans Affairs hospitals. Our experience was not like what is going on in Phoenix.

Letters to the editor on corrupt financial system, fair trade, Reagan’s health, turbine quakes, teaching experience

An international Swiss bank avoided criminal convictions last week after what may have been decades of conspiring with wealthy Americans to conceal large amounts of U.S. income and avoid large amounts of U.S. state and federal taxes. At the same time, an Occupy Wall Street protester who instinctively elbowed a police officer she said had grabbed her breast during a scuffle was sentenced to prison. Liberty and justice for all?

Letters to the editor on VA system, daytime meetings, library, East High, living wage, separation of powers, customer service

I have always questioned the logic behind the seemingly duplicative Veterans Affairs health system. In our modern era equipped with a connected and competent system of nonprofit and for-profit hospitals, clinics and other health care providers, I am baffled by the inefficiencies, wait times and lack of dissemination of critical information to outside providers that our veterans are routinely forced to endure.

Letters to the editor on Vet-to-Vet program, Judge Henderson, school spending, sensory disorder

As we remember and honor the men and women who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces over this Memorial Day weekend, the Compeer Friendship and Mentoring program has a unique volunteer opportunity for U.S. veterans in Sedgwick County through the Vet-to-Vet program.

Letters to the editor on renewables, VA, Benghazi, noisy kids

I want to answer the question that ended a commentary by Rep. Dennis Hedke, R-Wichita, and Sen. Forrest Knox, R-Altoona (May 20 Opinion): Why should renewable power be mandated? I can give two reasons.

Letters to the editor on educators, Keystone pipeline, Detroit’s bad example

As the school year winds down, most education professionals will have a summer break. Some will be involved in summer school activities, and others will continue professional development. No matter the circumstances nor the indifference and ridicule that the education profession endures, these dedicated individuals continue to be the critical element for preparing people of all age levels to be productive and responsible citizens.

Letters to the editor on minimum wage, Beirut attack

Once again, shady columnists resort to self-serving scare tactics by calling the pope “socialist,” trying to create paranoia about wealth redistribution (“Pope should advocate for creating new wealth,” May 14 Opinion). The pope is not supporting welfare for the lazy, but rather denouncing a system in which people can work full time and still not meet basic needs such as food, a home or medical care.

Letters to the editor on RPS, promoting general welfare, ‘If I Were the Devil,’ Canadian health care, genetically modified foods

The Kansas renewable portfolio standard (RPS) has been an economic boon to the Sunflower State. Despite the deceptive assertions of some clean-energy opponents (“Eliminate the RPS mandate,” May 1 Opinion), the jobs, growth and affordable power the RPS has driven to the state cannot be disputed.

Letters to the editor on senior centers, VA hospitals, children’s mental health, Bunting

A lot of elderly people go to the senior centers. Some are retired. Some have lost their spouses through death or divorce. Most go to the centers because they enjoy the company of other people, along with the fun activities offered by the centers.

Letters to the editor on boys ranch, special education students, Wichita Children’s Home, Dole, ‘new’ Democrats, Scouting, Trees for Life

As a resident at Judge Riddel Boys Ranch, I would like Sedgwick County commissioners to think about the ranch from a personal perspective. It is personal to me in the sense that the boys ranch dramatically changed my life. It opened my eyes to many things that I have not had the audacity to look at before.

Letters to the editor on Legislature, vitamins, shingles, Sterling, infallibility

How does the Legislature get away with cutting funds for schools, the poor, sick, elderly and disabled, and just running wild? It’s because we have all heard of the Legislature but nobody understands it.

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