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Letters to the editor on Dole, Maize boundaries, Syria, unequal justice, Brownback tax cut

I noticed in the article “A look at Brownback’s economic claims” (July 5 Eagle) that a great bulk of the claims were listed as “incomplete” or “misleading.” Those undesirable traits are probably why I drove to the Veterans of Foreign Wars post in Minneapolis on July 1 to see former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole on one of his “thank you” tours.

Letters to the editor on Brownback tax policy, fireworks, Pompeo

Despite claims of disaster, Kansas is showing encouraging signs of economic growth. Kansas lagged most of the rest of the country on private-sector job creation since 2000, but we’re running neck and neck with other income-taxing states so far in 2014, even if we’re still behind the states with no income tax. Kansas also had better private-sector gross domestic product growth in 2013 than its peer group.

Letters to the editor on businesses open July 4, U.S. repentance, GMO labeling, earthquakes

Even with all the problems, both past and present, our country is the greatest on Earth. We should all be patriotic and proud to be in this great country. But as I drove around a little bit on July 4, it seemed apparent that our values and morals have taken a wrong turn over the past few decades.

Letters to the editor on airport food vendor, prejudices, Pompeo, equal protection for gays

It is outrageous that the Wichita City Council kicked our locally owned Sarah’s Ice Cream and Bakery out of the new airport (“Council OKs airport deal with national food vendor,” July 2 Eagle). For 23 years I have enjoyed the excellent coffee and baked goods served by our local family.

Letters to the editor on gun rules, water rule, leadership program

As of July 1, citizens can carry firearms openly in most places in Kansas. It is the responsibility of property owners to choose to prohibit or allow such open carry.

Letters to the editor on school meal program, appraisals, Iraq, patriots, paid leave, airport checkpoints

More than 150,000 Kansas schoolchildren live in families that struggle to afford enough nutritious food. The Community Eligibility Provision aims to help (“Wichita still deciding on free meals application,” June 16 Eagle).

Letters to the editor on history repeating, Bergdahl, tea party, Boeing history, ‘Flowers of Algernon,’ cellphone clowns

Several fanatic militant groups, initially local, take over their individual countries with ambitions of changing the way the world works. There are some philosophical differences among them, but they enter into a functional alliance with certain common goals.

Letters to the editor on voting, attending city meetings, verifying voter status

Our forefathers created a system of government unlike any that the world had seen at the time. It was based not on oppressive monarchs. It was and continues to be based on freedom and responsibility of each and every citizen. This freedom and responsibility are being threatened by a form of government today that has changed from the time of our forefathers.

Letters to the editor on tax shortfall, paid leave, GOP unity, Schuckman, texting and driving

Kansas tax revenues continue their decline below projections – another $28 million in June (July 1 Eagle). Revenue Secretary Nick Jordan is still trying to use the impact of federal tax law on capital gains to justify the $338 million Kansas revenue shortfall at the end of the 2014 fiscal year. There is a slight shred of truth there, but it is not the whole truth.

Letters to the editor on Chinese fireworks, Tiahrt ad

There is a lot of irony in Independence Day. Americans will buy millions of dollars’ worth of fireworks from a country that opposes us at every turn in our fight against tyrants and terrorists by vetoing our U.N. resolutions. China actively hacks American business computers, forges intellectual property, pollutes the environment, tramples the rights of workers, and is building a military for one purpose – and that is to oppose us. Meanwhile, the British are one of our only allies that will often send troops to fight the same battles we are fighting.

Letters to the editor on Obama’s economy, Brownback’s economy, oil subsidies, Tiahrt, gun registration, killed kitten

“Mixed results on recovery” (June 27 Eagle Editorial) reminded me of the blind man who, feeling the tail of the elephant, reports that the elephant is like a rope. Any discussion critical of the Kansas economy without looking at the national economy is shortsighted.

Student views on gay marriage, pot, school lunches

The following are excerpts of letters to the editor written by students in Michele Guiol’s freshman language arts class at Derby High School:

Letters to the editor on property valuations, special interests, evasive politicians, climate change

There is more to the story of the dramatic and disproportionate jump in property taxes across rural Kansas (“Tax shift harms rural Kansas,” June 22 Opinion).

Letters to the editor on Kansas sights, Obama, pig crates, Bunting, teen writers

Critics have labeled Kansas as boring, and therefore everyone who dwells here must be the same (June 24 Eagle). I’ve got it: Why don’t the people build a Wheat Needle, like that thing in Seattle? Nah. Maybe a Combine Ranch would be better, like the Cadillac Ranch on Route 66? Nah.

Letters to the editor on Iraq, energy subsidies, church and state, immigrants, PC names

A British-Australian film, “The Railway Man,” has moved me deeply. There is a lot of rhetoric about war and peace. This film is based on a book by Eric Lomax, an English prisoner of war in Thailand during World War II, and his experience with his Japanese captors, particularly a translator who was quite involved in Lomax’s torture.

Letters to the editor on red shirts, abortion, foster care, Pompeo ad, Winn for governor

Kansas House Speaker Ray Merrick, R-Stilwell, chose to take another swipe at Kansas teachers, specifically those who wore red shirts in the Capitol in April (June 21 Local & State). In response to a reporter’s question about whether concealed handguns in the Statehouse might make some people uneasy, Merrick said: “A lot of red shirts in here that I’m uncomfortable with.”

Letters to the editor on gubernatorial candidates, PC sideshow

After the disaster Gov. Sam Brownback has visited upon Kansas, I am looking forward to reading policy statements from the potential replacement candidates. A few questions I have are:

Letters to the editor on water rate, schools, patient safety, voting, gun culture

“Council OKs four projects for 1-cent sales tax” (May 28 Eagle) reported that even with the proposed sales tax increase, water rates would increase 1.3 percent. Without the sales tax increase, rates would go up 6.2 percent, for a net difference of 4.9 percent. This means my $50-per-month average home water bill would increase $2.45 per month to pay for what Wichita City Council members have said is the most attractive option for a new water source. I’ll take this type of increase anytime over a 1-cent sales tax on everything I purchase each month including groceries.

Letters to the editor on 911 emergencies, gun madness, Bunting

Someone broke into our motor home at a storage facility. The manager called 911, but the officer did not come until after I left. I understand and agree that life comes before property.

Letters to the editor on VA centers, Mulvane library, energy standard, Hoelscher, unwanted kids, gas tax

The current lynch mob mentality by the media and politicians regarding any shortcomings in treatment of military veterans by Veteran Affairs clinics has been disgusting, especially related to the Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center in Wichita.

Letters to the editor on Pompeo, Iraq, abortion, bike routes, looking younger

With mind-boggling financial challenges in the years ahead and ongoing national security threats from terrorists, we have a huge need for well-grounded, intelligent, courageous leadership. The most gifted among us are rarely willing to pay the price of running for office and serving. When we have a truly exceptional public servant such as Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, we should express gratitude and show support.

Letters to the editor on NSA snooping, powder pollution, ballet and running, Nugent and Kobach

An editorial blog item asked whether I had done a “flip-flop on snooping” (June 16 WE Blog excerpts). Emphatically, the answer is “no.”

Letters to the editor prisoner release, Benghazi arrest, Kansas’ state, VA, pigpens, B-29s

Those angry at the president’s negotiations to release the only remaining U.S. prisoner of war from Afghanistan are practicing selective memory. Surely the Democrats recall that President Carter sought the release of U.S. hostages held by Iran using a covert military action that ended in the deaths of eight soldiers and did not secure the hostages. Surely Republicans recall that President Reagan negotiated with Iran to delay the release of U.S. captives until the day of his inauguration and that he supplied weapons to Iran later in his presidency, using Israel as his conduit, and funneling the money Iran paid for those weapons to the guerrilla army that the CIA had organized to overthrow the government of Nicaragua. That was the Iran-Contra scandal, remember?

Letters to the editor on Wesley ER staffing, VA blame game, GOP support for schools, gun control

What an unpleasant shock to read that Wesley Medical Center gave its emergency room staff members an ultimatum to join vendor EMCare or lose their jobs (June 11 Business Today).

Letters to the editor on licensing guns, confiscated guns, Tiahrt

Two erudite individuals recently tried to convince me that the opening line of the Second Amendment – “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state…” – doesn’t really mean what it says. Then why did George Washington, president of a fledgling country without a standing army, decree that every able-bodied man procure a musket and a bayonet? Was the threat of “tyranny” from within or without?

Letters to the editor on gay marriage, 2nd Amendment, pigpens

Let’s take “sex” out of the conversation about gender equality. We are fully aware of how this three-letter word has been distorted in our culture, most often referred to as an act of physical intimacy and too often used pejoratively within the context of the argument about “appropriate” relationships.

Letters to the editor on library, savers, Brownback cronyism, Kansas Lincolns, gay Christians

More than just warehouses of books, libraries play multiple critical roles within the city and surrounding areas. One is battling functional illiteracy. The Wichita Public Library offers a host of programs that aim to increase literacy in all age groups – including Baby Bookworms, targeting infants and toddlers.

Letters to the editor on Flag Day, Kobach, APRNs, Andover nursing home

On this Flag Day, citizens will unite in commemoration of the American flag’s adoption. For more than 200 years, Old Glory has served as a symbol of our nation’s freedom and as a source of inspiration for our citizens. Inspired by decades of state and local celebrations, Flag Day was established by President Woodrow Wilson’s 1916 proclamation and by an act of Congress in 1949.

Letters to the editor on Planned Parenthood, voter ID, Wolf, property taxes, help for veterans

The Brownback ideology has taken down one more service to low-income families of Kansas: Planned Parenthood (May 24 Eagle). It is being forced to close its Hays health center because federal family planning funding through the Title X grant program has been cut by the Legislature.

Letters to the editor on Brownback missteps, due-process half-truths, teacher fee, voter ID, job problem

I am rarely rendered speechless, but the antics of Gov. Sam Brownback have almost made me so. The irrationality, tone deafness, outright incompetence and disregard for the good of our state defy logic.

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