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Letters to the editor on due process, Medicare compact, health-club bill, Cowtown, money in politics, GM foods

The public schools have never been manufacturing centers, producing widgets that can be measured, counted, sold and shipped. Accounting spreadsheets make sense with numbers and machined pieces, but not so much sense with people. Schools deal with students – actual human beings with a wide range of interests, intellects and emotions.

Letters to the editor on GM foods, Israel, entitlements, informative Eagle

Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, introduced the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act this week. It would bring certainty and common sense to the regulation and labeling of genetically modified foods. I applaud his efforts.

Letters to the editor on due process, health care compact, improving education, ALEC, GOP extremism,

On Sunday, 63 conservative House Republicans, after 30 minutes of debate, voted to strip Kansas public school teachers of due process of law protections that have been settled law since 1957 (April 7 Eagle). The due-process provisions in question protect tenured teachers from arbitrary termination by requiring school districts to establish just cause for the termination of tenured teachers.

Letters to the editor on Shockers, Legislature, kidnapped values, health-club bill, abortion

You can count me among those who had hoped to see an undefeated Wichita State University basketball team in the NCAA championship game.

Letters to the editor on teacher due-process rights, Hobby Lobby, Kochs

I am very disappointed in the passage of House Bill 2506 (“House, Senate OK school funds bill,” April 7 Eagle). What does “due process” for teachers have to do with funding schools? Why did lawmakers think that needed to be included? It looks like teachers are being punished for the Legislature having to fund schools.

Letters to the editor on gun law, state tax increase, Medicare

Time and again we see the conservatives in our Kansas Legislature rejecting federal legislation, calling it “overreach.” They say they want laws to be determined locally.

Letters to the editor on inner-core neighborhoods, Medicaid expansion, loud commercials, hospice volunteers

As downtown Wichita supporters, we were interested to read what downtown needs according to three of its biggest developers (April 1 Eagle). Downtown is certainly a jewel that needs to continue to be polished.

Letters to the editor on health care, abortion, prairie chickens, Obamanomics, money in politics, KPI, best teacher

I would like for someone to explain how a pro-life governor and Legislature can refuse to give health care to thousands of people in Kansas who work hard but simply do not make enough money to afford health care. These officials effectively are condemning many of these Kansans to an early death through lack of health care that we are already paying for.

Letters to the editor on gas prices, factory farms, freedom fighers, Chavez, mute button

I know that I am not the smartest person in the world, but one thing I just can’t get my mind around is how gas prices seem to fluctuate to such extremes. I know that the cost of a gallon of gas is based on the price of a barrel of oil. But my job takes me back and forth to Oklahoma on a near-weekly basis, and there must be a different pricing structure for oil in Oklahoma.

Letters to the editor on private school tax breaks, virtual schools, guns, Obamacare, Stallworth

I once asked my childless-by-choice sister if she resented paying taxes to educate other people’s children. Her reply: “Of course not. I may not have kids, but it behooves me not to be surrounded by stupid people.” Good answer.

Letters to the editor on sandy roads, protecting wildlife, AFP ad

While running some errands Saturday morning, I saw an elderly man with a broom and a shovel cleaning sand off a sidewalk and bridge. I presume the sand got there after it was spread during the most recent snowstorm. Three hours later I drove by again, and he was still out there cleaning. He must have cleaned a half mile of sidewalk, including two bridges.

Letters to the editor on selling Hyatt, Haysville jokes, dumping peanut butter, ACA success story

My vote is to sell the Hyatt Regency Wichita, the Finney State Office Building and the nearby parking garage, plus other city-owned real estate, to the highest “cash” bidder without public financing incentives of any kind and to put them all back on the tax rolls (“Sell Hyatt or not? City Council weighs city-owned real estate,” March 29 Eagle). The cash proceeds derived from these sales should be directed to solving our city’s water, sewer and street maintenance needs, and used to offset a sales-tax increase to pay for these important projects.

Letters to the editor on drones, dog racing, Statehouse circus, global warming, ‘bling bishop’

As a very old former military and lifelong commercial pilot, I read with alarm the article on drones (“Technology not waiting for FAA rulings on drones,” March 27 Business Today).

Letters to the editor on slots bill, Shockers

I wish to clear up any confusion The Eagle editorial board created in its March 27 editorial “Slots bill anti-democratic.” While accusing the Kansas Senate of being “anti-democratic,” the editorial then confirmed that no one is losing a right to vote on expanded gambling because a right does not exist.

Letters to the editor on quality of life, valuing nature, Doctors’ Day, ALEC agenda, Common Core, gays

Corporate headquarters of many companies have left Wichita for Dallas, Chicago, Oklahoma City. Why? Who wants to live in a city that is not willing to invest in a decent public transportation system, a new library, an updated sewer system that inhibits street flooding, street repair, an updated Century II or a secure water supply?

Letters to the editor Obamacare, child-welfare system, pre-K, Christianity

Despite the best efforts of the Brownback administration to deny health care and coverage to less-fortunate Kansans, and despite this administration’s efforts to present arguments against Obamacare and the Medicaid expansion, the facts speak differently.

Letters to the editor on global warming, legalizing pot, Shockers

By some trick of fate, I came across a copy of The Eagle this week. I live in the Cotswolds area in England.

Letters to the editor on renewable energy, Shockers

Regarding “Bill would nix renewable energy rules” (March 21 Local & State). Not only did our legislators try to kill the renewable portfolio standard law, but they did it by amending a completely unrelated bill. This followed a series of misleading ads hinting that any energy-rate increases during the past several years were caused by renewable energy.

Letters to the editor on food safety, Koch brothers, Shockers

I’m a conservative of the highest magnitude: pro-life, pro-gun, pro-business.

Letters to the editor on Medicaid expansion, Phelps, loud commercials, Ag Day, distracted drivers

If you could provide health insurance coverage to 78,000 Kansans and provide about 4,000 new health service jobs in the state for no charge the first three years and 10 percent of the cost for the future, would you do it? We would and so would 72 percent of Kansans, according to a poll by the American Cancer Society. The Legislature and Gov. Sam Brownback could, but their excuse is that they can’t depend on the federal money being there for this program.

Letters to the editor on conservation easements, tolerating others, problem cars

Ducks Unlimited opposes Senate Bill 323, which would severely restrict the use of conservation easements, infringe upon property rights, and prevent landowners from benefiting from an important land-conservation instrument and financial tool.

Letters to the editor on public transit, cab drivers, lack of pride in state, protected species, enforcing laws, concealed-carry

Good for the city of Wichita. Rethinking the way the transit system in Wichita operates is absolutely overdue (“Health study leading to changes at bus system,” March 18 Eagle).

Letters to the editor on Ike airport, right of conscience, IUDs, book signing

Congratulations to Mayor Carl Brewer and the Wichita City Council on their laudable decision to name our new airport for President Eisenhower. It is commendable because of several aspects:

Letters to the editor on birth certificate, Kochs in control, Obama

I read recently about a man with no birth certificate trying to get an ID card so he could get a visa (“Hard to get ID,” Feb. 26 Letters to the Editor). Now I find myself in the same boat, but regarding a driver’s license.

Letters to the editor on Syrian children, newborn screening, women Shockers, executive orders, Democrats

The children of Syria need help. Living in squalid encampments, steeped in abject poverty, 5.5 million are suffering. One million live besieged by government forces. Soldiers routinely block relief workers, doctors and trucks of food from entry.

Letters to the editor on wrong priorities, big money, poetry as protest

It was interesting to read the views of Kansas State Treasurer Ron Estes (March 16 Opinion) and Wichita State University professor Edward Flentje (March 9 Opinion) on state finances.

Letters to the editor on the West’s demise, war on immigrants

The American Conservative magazine recently commented on China’s and India’s unwillingness to join the West in condemning Russia for intervention in Ukraine-Crimea. It observed: “China, Russia and India may be laying the groundwork for a coalition free of what they perceive to be the latest form of Western imperialism: sanctions, exclusion from summits, and influence in the United Nations.” And who can blame them?

Letters to the editor on religious freedom, wind energy, warning for car buyers

It is well-known that religious beliefs can be scientifically mistaken, as is the belief that the world is only 6,000 years old. It is equally obvious that religious beliefs can be morally mistaken, as is the belief of some Muslims that girls should not be educated. It is also obvious that some beliefs that were once held by the majority of Christians can be morally mistaken, as was the belief that interracial marriages are forbidden by God.

Letters to the editor on voting, Marine values, RPS, Shockers, texting and driving, cycling

Some legislators continue to push proposals that would limit the average citizen’s right to vote. First they blindly follow Secretary of State Kris Kobach to require formal proof of citizenship for first-time voters. Then they want to move off-year elections of school board members and City Council members and mayors to the same time and year as state and federal elections, adding the opportunity for these races to become a mess of partisan bickering and ignore real issues facing local communities. Now they want to limit the voting pool before a primary by refusing to allow people to change their party identification within two months before the vote.

Letters to the editor on Crimea, global warming, net metering, Rutgers protest, gay rights, feelings vs. actions, inspirational author

Is it any wonder that columnist Charles Krauthammer lunged for President Obama (March 8 Opinion)?

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