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August 28, 2014

Letters on voting out incumbents, Braeburn Golf Course, Election Office, bad grammar, stolen coolers

An old (and crude) proverb says that changing the madame does not change the function of a whorehouse. The proverb has, in my experience, always been used to debunk the notion that electing new politicians will, through some mystical course of events, change the way government functions.

Vote out ‘get-along’ incumbents

An old (and crude) proverb says that changing the madame does not change the function of a whorehouse. The proverb has, in my experience, always been used to debunk the notion that electing new politicians will, through some mystical course of events, change the way government functions. And the proverb seems to make sense.

To function, government demands the prostitution of all principles and all principals. There is no way to change that essential and corrupting feature of government by merely changing those who are happy or productive in office to others who are eager to “learn the ropes.” What to do?

The only hope for interrupting, much less restraining, the cycle of evil in government is de facto term limits imposed by the voters (or at least those voters who do not frequent places of political prostitution). Remove all incumbents who even remotely appear to be “getting along” with the political establishment, and put in some new innocent steadfast faces with believable principles that will be shocked and (for awhile at least) get mad about how corrupt and diseased the “business” of government is.

Vote angry.



Save Braeburn

Now that the current Wichita State University president has announced his grand plans for an “innovation campus” (Aug. 17 Eagle), there is the issue of Braeburn Golf Course, which seems to not be a concern to him in his plans.

Braeburn has been a part of the WSU campus since 1967 and has evolved into a university treasure and source of pride to thousands of WSU alumni and citizens of Wichita. Every year, depending on annual weather conditions, between 25,000 and 30,000 rounds of golf are played at that facility, which amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars in annual revenues.

In addition to destroying Braeburn forever, this innovation campus, if it even comes to full fruition, will benefit a very limited number of students in comparison to the tens of thousands of people each year who utilize Braeburn. It also could cost the taxpayers millions and put WSU in debt far into the future.

As an alum of WSU, there is nothing I’d like more than to see the university thrive and grow, but eradicating Braeburn in this process is unacceptable.

It’s time to “pump the brakes” on this grand plan and put some common sense into this decision.



Not acceptable

Ballots were counted in secret, behind closed doors. Petition signatures were verified in secret, behind closed doors. Not all the sheets of petition signatures were counted initially. Long-time voting sites were changed. Names of a candidate’s family members were not listed correctly in the poll books. Incorrect absentee ballots were sent to some voters. And the list of errors and omissions goes on.

It may be inconvenient for Sedgwick County Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman to allow members of the press and public to observe ballot counting, but it is the right of members of the press and voters to observe. Press releases of secretly counted votes and signatures are simply unacceptable.

The secrecy and multitude of errors and omissions committed by the Election Office, plus Lehman’s practice of hiring family and friends to staff the office has given the appearance of an inept, highly partisan office that insists on operating in secret.

This is an office funded by taxpayers who have the right to insist on openness and accessibility to the press and public of the operation of the office.



Correct grammar

The school year has begun. Opportunity abounds. I would like to challenge all of us to make the effort to speak and write correct English. I propose a particular starting point: the contraction “there’s.”

Every day I hear such sentences as: “There’s two days left” or “There’s some people in the building.” Do you recognize the error? Parents, professors and teachers – indeed, any educated person – who use proper grammar, serve as models for all who encounter the English language. As correct grammar is used, compliments and thanks may have their place.

I hope to notice improvement throughout the coming year.



Don’t take coolers

I would like to address a problem that I along with my teammates from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society are having. Many of us are training to run full or half marathons for LLS.

We have a course we run through College Hill and far into the east side of town. It is a route that many distance runners in Wichita run to train for upcoming races and events. There are no spots for us to get something to drink while we run, so we set out coolers with Gatorade and water. Unfortunately, the past two weeks we have had a cooler stolen each week from our training route.

Please stop taking our coolers. If you need a drink, take one, but please keep in mind that the people who put these out are training to run for an organization that helps children with cancer. We are running for a cause. If you happen to see someone, not necessarily even from LLS, running, maybe you can offer them something to drink instead of taking it from them.



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