Letters on Ferguson, teacher rights, ‘lawless’ delegation

08/20/2014 7:06 PM

08/21/2014 12:06 AM

Must continue community policing

The events in Ferguson, Mo., and the retirement of Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams are a stark reminder that the community policing policy supported by Williams must continue after he retires. The methodology is taught at Wichita State University and practiced in our community, not only by attending neighborhood meetings but by bonding with residents.

Community policing means what it says – the police officers work with the community and the community works with the police. A good start would be for neighborhoods to participate in the Celebrate Safe Communities program (formerly National Night Out) on Oct. 7.

Williams leaves really big shoes to fill. A native of Wichita, he served for 39 years of exceptional service. Wichita wishes him and his the best.



It’s about them

School has started again; be sure and thank a teacher for bothering to come back.

House Bill 2506’s passage last April eliminated state-mandated due-process rights for teachers. So if a teacher speaks up for a student and administrators don’t agree with it, the teacher could be automatically let go without an investigation. Teachers are highly trained professionals who are trusted to open our future leaders’ minds to help students be productive citizens as well as informed decision makers.

I was in Topeka when the Legislature passed HB 2506. I witnessed House Minority Leader Paul Davis, D-Lawrence, strategizing with both Democrats and Republicans to save our public schoolteachers’ rights on the House floor.

Davis is building a strong coalition from both parties and independents and is running for governor. He has served as a legislator for 11 years and is an attorney by trade.

Davis to the protesting teachers last April: “Do not leave here tonight feeling discouraged. Leave here tonight feeling renewed that you are going to continue this fight for the future of Kansas and the future of all those kids whose classrooms you’re going back to tomorrow. It’s about them.”



Delegation lawless

How ironic that Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, would say that President Obama is “radically lawless” (Aug. 19 Eagle). Pompeo said this while he sat on a panel of Kansas members of Congress who plan to openly defy Environmental Protection Agency mandates to keep our water and air clean and safe and to save endangered species. I guess Pompeo has forgotten that Republican President Nixon used an executive order to create the EPA.

House and Senate members are lawless as well in that they have passed very few laws that benefit their constituents. They have, of course, worked to pass laws to benefit the corporations that paid their way into office.

If these people who are supposed to represent all Kansans and not just the fortunate few would quit focusing on Obama and focus on what they could do to make life better for all of us, all Kansans would be much better off. As it is, they leave the president with little choice but to act in what is in the best interests of all Americans.



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