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August 11, 2014

Letters to the editor on voter ID, U.S. Senate, immigrant children, Israel and Gaza

Voter-ID reasons are trumped up

Secretary of State Kris Kobach has been busy ensuring passage of voter-restriction laws, not only in our state but in states throughout the country. It makes one wonder how he’s had time for his other duties. And even more puzzling: Why has he made this the focus of his tenure, considering that voter-fraud cases stopped by such laws are extremely rare?

Justin Levitt, a voting-rights expert at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, has documented every known case of voter-impersonation fraud since 2000 – the kind that would be stopped by an ID. Out of more than a billion votes cast nationwide during that period, he found only 31 such cases. And, according to Levitt, the recent passage of voter-ID laws throughout the country has rendered thousands unable to vote because they lack the required documentation.

Levitt recognizes that voter-fraud cases are a serious problem, but these have largely occurred because of ballot-box stuffing by officials, vote-buying or coercion – the kinds of fraud that would not be affected by ID laws.

A vote for Jean Schodorf for secretary of state in November will help ensure no one in Kansas will be kept from the polls because of trumped-up reasons.



Senate is problem

When taking a public poll grading Congress, those taking the poll should know that Congress has two parts that should be graded separately. Currently, the House is doing a fair job while the Senate should receive a zero.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has paralyzed Congress by routing nearly all House-passed bills to the trash. This makes him a sub-dictator, second to the real dictator, the president of the United States. This allows the president to make laws, satisfying his distorted whims via executive order. A one-man lawmaker. Isn’t this nice? We could retire members of the House and Senate, saving a lot of money.

If you vote without having adequate honest knowledge of the candidates and issues, you are part of the problems facing our nation. If you currently attend school, you’ll probably not receive correct information from your teacher or professor, because many pass to you their biased opinion. Too many people erroneously believe that they are doing their patriotic duty to our nation when they couldn’t pass a basic test on how our government functions.



Care for children

I am grateful that EmberHope has applied for a grant to provide temporary shelter in Newton for unaccompanied immigrant children seeking refuge from violence and trauma in Central America. As a pastor and person of faith, I believe we are called to care for the vulnerable and extend hospitality to those in need of shelter, food, medical care and other services.

The grant would pay for these services, and would not detract from resources currently used to meet local needs. Guidelines for the grant require that issues of health and safety for the children and local community be addressed, and I am confident that EmberHope would manage these concerns with competence and integrity.

This initiative to care for children can demonstrate to our local community – and those beyond – that Newton is a place of welcome and constructive engagement with the challenges of our world. As we open our hearts to others, the whole community can be strengthened.


North Newton

Learn the facts

There are many inaccuracies in letters to the editor criticizing Israel. The use of the term “occupation” is one example. Israel regained control of its homeland in Judaea, Samaria and Jerusalem in 1967 after 19 years of occupation by the Arabs. They denied Jews access to their holy sites in these areas, but Israel did not plan on occupying the land. Quite the contrary, Jordan, whose occupation of the land was not recognized by any country on Earth, attacked Israel, and Israel responded in kind and liberated the homeland of the Jewish people.

By the way, a country by the name Palestine never existed, and hopefully will never exist. The Palestine Liberation Organization, today under Mahmood Abbas, is responsible for thousands of Jews and Christians murdered in cold blood. Hamas is the long arm of radical Islam and aims at removing all Jews and Christians from the face of the Earth. Hamas has coerced its people into serving as human shields, and uses hospitals and schools as launching pads against Israeli civilians.



Why still support?

The other day I listened to a news report explaining how the Obama administration, the United Nations and others had condemned the overwhelming and unrestrained Israeli attacks on Gaza in the Palestinian occupied territories including United Nations schools, which were housing innocent civilians and intended to be safety zones known by the Israeli army.

Then, at the end of the same news report, it was announced that President Obama had rewarded Israel by reinforcing its military armament and support from the United States.

This prompts the question as to why the Obama administration (acting on our behalf of citizens) would continue to support the military actions of Israel when it is condemning the very same actions.



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