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August 7, 2014

Letters to the editor on free school meals, decriminalizing pot, blight, election guides

School meals wouldn’t be free

Regarding “Wichita won’t take part in free meals program” (Aug. 1 Eagle): Does anyone believe that these meals would really be free?

You can bet someone will pay for them, even if those consuming them do not. And who might that someone be? Oh, not to worry – it’ll be the federal government. And where will it get the money for such a program? Why, from you and me, of course, if we both paid taxes.

But let’s see – from what I hear the government is trillions in debt and doesn’t have the money. But again – not to worry. I’m sure it can borrow what’s needed from the Chinese, because they are kindly and have the best interest of our children at heart, and the children of these children can worry about paying it back.

I’m glad the school district is taking its time before taking part in such a program. If the school district takes advantage of more and more of these programs, pretty soon it will be nothing more than an implementer. All decisions will be made for it, undoubtedly by some unelected Washington bureaucrat who deems himself far more knowledgeable about our community needs than the locals who actually live here.


Valley Center

Gateway drug

I attended recent Wichita City Council meetings when the issue of decriminalizing marijuana was discussed. Proponents presented their case before the council. They may have gathered enough signatures to put the issue on the November ballot, if the council approves it.

I have been a registered nurse manager for the past 34 years, and I have seen the devastation and broken homes that resulted from parents, children and grandchildren who were hooked on this addictive substance.

Many start with marijuana. After a period of time, the buzz wears off and they begin to seek other addictive drugs that will give them the same high they experienced when they first began smoking marijuana.

Once a month, my husband and I do the service at the Union Rescue Mission. We have seen the increase in the population of homeless who indulge in marijuana and other addictive substances. To decriminalize marijuana is to criminalize our whole system designed to stop drug use in this country, not encourage it.

Those of us who are against this process must act now and seek to get these folks to vote against this critical issue in our society.



City no help

Regarding the letter about a mattress leaning against a neighbor’s house for six months (“Ignoring blight,” Aug. 5 Letters to the Editor): That is mild.

We have tried for 12 years to get the house next to ours cleaned up. This man is a hoarder and the house is full; so is the yard. We deal with bugs, mice and other animals.

If anyone has any ideas what to do, please let me know, because dealing with the city has not worked for us.



Election tools

I want to thank the staff of The Eagle for its election coverage and, most particularly, the online page that shows the ballot. The ability to view the ballot as it appears when I go to vote helped me do much better research, and I am sure it improves the quality of the election process.

These tools and The Eagle’s ongoing coverage are very much appreciated.



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