Letters to the editor on Pompeo, Tiahrt, McGinn, Ranzau, Howell, Avello, Sherwood, annoying political calls

08/03/2014 12:00 AM

08/01/2014 6:11 PM

Pompeo honest, strong leader

The campaign ads from U.S. Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, are straightforward and honest, and evidence his strong love of Kansas and Kansans. He trusts us to follow our tradition of hard work, caring for our neighbors and standing up for the Constitution. I trust Pompeo to stand up for me in Washington, D.C.

Pompeo is back in Kansas nearly every weekend. On the numerous occasions I have spoken with him, he has listened to me and answered my questions. He is not evasive. Pompeo is intelligent and not afraid to buck the tide toward ever-bigger and controlling government.

For intelligent, honest, strong leadership for Kansas, vote for Mike Pompeo for U.S. House, 4th District.



Tiahrt pro-life

The record should be clear regarding former U.S. Rep. Todd Tiahrt’s support for the unborn. Kansans for Life endorses pro-life incumbent legislators no matter how pro-life the challenger is.

I have known Tiahrt for more than 20 years and have been to pro-life events with him and his wife during that time. He was solidly in opposition to abortion even as a Kansas state senator. Those voters who love the unborn as well as the living should recognize Tiahrt’s commitment to ending abortion on demand, and cast their vote for Todd Tiahrt for Congress on Tuesday.



Need McGinn

Carolyn McGinn is and always has been a proud native of Sedgwick County. I met McGinn and her family at St. Jude Catholic Church. Her life experience was shaped by the same people and community values that I’m proud of in this area. If not meeting with local leaders and community groups, McGinn can be found shopping at Leeker’s and Dillons, finding something for the farm at one of the local hardware stores, or doing business at other local shops and restaurants, just like the rest of us. She knows the challenges we face because she has “boots on the ground” and she listens to her constituents.

Having McGinn on the Sedgwick County Commission for District 4 would be valuable for more than just her long commitment to the communities she serves. With the national and international environment as uncertain as it is, we need someone at the local level we can trust to look at every issue for how it helps or hurts our local families and businesses. With her record of cutting taxes at the state and local levels while preserving essential services, McGinn is the kind of leader we need at the local level.



Choose Ranzau

As a resident of Sedgwick County’s District 4 and an active citizen, I closely follow the County Commission and plan to vote to re-elect Richard Ranzau on Tuesday. I urge everyone else to do the same.

Ranzau fights against government waste of taxpayer money. When other commissioners wanted to sell a county asset without a bid process, Ranzau had the county sell it at auction for a much higher price.

He has been a staunch supporter of the Judge Riddel Boys Ranch. He knows the ranch makes our community a safer place to live and changes boys’ lives.

Politically connected downtown special-interest groups are providing generous funding for his opponent. Ranzau believes in providing opportunity for everyone, not just the politically connected. He is the clear choice for Sedgwick County Commission.



McGinn listens

I have supported and worked with Carolyn McGinn since before she first ran for Sedgwick County Commission in District 4. She has always had the ability to listen to different views of an issue and to make her position clear to both her constituents and the public.

At a time when cooperation among members of the County Commission on issues such as the Judge Riddel Boys Ranch is of utmost importance, I believe McGinn is in a unique position to help unify the commission. I plan to vote for her in the August primary.



Howell proven

Finally we have an opportunity to have a voice for the people on the Sedgwick County Commission. Jim Howell is a man who will fight for what is right for Sedgwick County. He has proved this to us the past two terms as a legislator in Topeka.

Howell has chosen to leave his position at the state level because he believes we need him here at the county level. He has fought for those who have no voice, such as the boys who were given a second chance at the Judge Riddel Boys Ranch. He has spent time listening to my concerns for the direction of the state while in Topeka.

Howell is an Air Force veteran who served his country with pride and gives honor to those who have done the same. Howell is the leader we need for Sedgwick County’s District 5, putting our needs first.



Support Avello

As president of the Fabrique Neighborhood Association, I was very pleased that Dion Avello accepted our invitation to attend our recent meeting. We very much enjoyed visiting with Avello, who is mayor of Derby, and learning more about his successes in helping to attract new jobs (more than 1,800 under his watch), manage a healthy infrastructure, and keep costs down while providing essential services. We also appreciated that he took the time to visit with us about our opinions on current issues.

I urge voters to join me in supporting Avello for Sedgwick County Commission, District 5. He has proved that the thoughts and opinions of potential constituents matter, and his successful record as a local governmental leader will serve us all well.



Vote for Sherwood

I would like to encourage Republicans voting in the primary on Tuesday to cast a ballot for Diane Sherwood for Sedgwick County District Court judge. I have known Sherwood for some 30 years, first in her capacity as an officer of a large local business, where she demonstrated outstanding mastery of management skills and very good instincts in business matters, and over the past 20 years through her devoted service to the legal profession. She has been deeply involved in organizations dedicated to the promotion of ethics and professionalism among attorneys – a dedication she has carried into her practice, where she focuses on conflict resolution.

Sherwood has had the opportunity to work with ordinary citizens in all walks of life to help them with legal questions that run the gamut of human experience. Not only has she had the opportunity to work as a mediator, but she has had the opportunity to instruct others in the field. While doing so, she has continued to also represent the interests of individuals both in court and before litigation is necessary.

This depth and diversity of experience is the quality Sedgwick County should look for in a District Court judge.



Calls annoying

Am I the only one tired of answering the phone? I get 10-12 calls a day for some kind of endorsement, political survey or “important” message about the upcoming elections.

I have seriously considered not voting because of all these calls. But I will vote, because it is important to me.

Have these campaigns considered that they may be driving people away? I feel like I am being harassed by these calls.

Receiving mail endorsements does not interrupt me; I can study and read them on my own time. But having the phone ring constantly, making me stop what I am working on, is very irritating and annoying to me.



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