Letters to the editor on negative ads, Pompeo, Avello, Suellentrop, Wesley and Garner, stolen purse

07/27/2014 12:00 AM

07/25/2014 6:21 PM

Candidates should not be negative

Let’s hope the potential candidates in the next major election will review the advertising practices of 2014 candidates. Evidently, some ad agencies have duped the current candidates into thinking that character assassination, accusations (some trumped up) and overall negative communications to the voters are the way to go to get elected.

Any candidates who rely on character assassination to reach their goal demonstrate poor character and make it more difficult to choose the right person for office.

Why, oh, why, don’t these candidates stick to issues, such as what they plan to do when elected and how they see their responsibilities to the voters of Kansas? They should provide specifics about what changes, if any, they plan to pursue and what they plan to do about getting the job done.

They should show voters that they don’t have to stoop so low to get votes. Have positive campaigns.



Failure to lead

Campaign season has arrived in Kansas, and the vitriol (dare I say hatred?) directed toward our president has reached fever pitch. It’s to the point of being un-American in my view.

Many ads can be condensed to a few words: “I hate Obama more than my opponent.” Really?

Too many Kansans embrace such rhetoric, failing to recognize this as a failure to lead and to legislate for the betterment of society.

The candidates have no fresh ideas, and no proposals to solve real problems affecting real people. In so many words, these ideologues repeatedly tell us that obstructionism and incompetence are what the Founding Fathers had in mind, failing to understand that their nonperformance is actually destabilizing Kansas and the U.S. on many fronts, domestic (education) and foreign (immigration reform). All in the name of sticking it to the president.

Sadly, most of us will vote to re-elect these same candidates at both the state and federal levels. Today it is fair to say that a vote for nearly any incumbent is an irresponsible vote. I suggest that true patriots will go to the polls and take a stand for responsible governance, and reject mediocrity.



Pompeo delivers

In 2010 and 2012, voters from the 4th Congressional District sent Mike Pompeo to Washington, D.C., to stop the reckless spending and fiscal insanity that were widely practiced and accepted by his predecessor, Todd Tiahrt. Since then, Pompeo has done exactly as we have asked. In fact, Pompeo has achieved a top 15 most-conservative ranking in Congress and has led the charge against wasteful spenders and their earmarks.

To suggest that Pompeo is a supporter of Obamacare is absurd, and Tiahrt knows it. To be called out on this misleading statement (some might call it a blatant lie) again and again without recanting is a clear indication that Tiahrt will say and do anything to get back to Washington so he can continue dishing out the pork for his friends and cronies from coast to coast.

Pompeo has delivered on his promises to Kansans in the 4th District. Moreover, his steadfast conservative values have earned him the respect of his peers to the point that he was placed on committees that are the most important to the well-being of our entire nation.

If Pompeo is re-elected, we can feel confident that he will do what is right for Kansas and right for America. Let’s do our part on Aug. 5 and vote for Mike Pompeo.



Avello gets results

The stature of a man is determined by his ability to get the job done. One thing is certain: In job success, Dion Avello stands head and shoulders above his opponent in the Aug. 5 GOP primary for Sedgwick County Commission District 5.

Avello is not only a respected and successful businessman; he has excelled in helping Sedgwick County businesses and citizens through his leadership roles in a variety of community organizations, including Friends of McConnell, the Wichita Airport Advisory Board, and the Regional Economic Area Partnership.

Derby has enjoyed breathtaking success under Avello’s leadership as mayor. He has been at the city’s helm while we created 1,800 new jobs and added 350 new businesses. Our growth has increased the tax base, our mill levy has remained flat, and we’ve had no increase in city property taxes for the past seven years.

I urge others to join me in voting for Dion Avello for County Commission on Aug. 5. What he’s done in our small city he can do for all of Sedgwick County.



Bad endorsement

I was appalled when I read The Eagle editorial board’s endorsement of state Rep. Gene Suellentrop, R-Wichita, for the 91st District (July 24 Endorsements).

Suellentrop represents everything that is wrong with our current Legislature. He wants to siphon away public education money and give it to private and charter schools. He has supported Gov. Sam Brownback’s hijacking of the judicial-appointment process. And he has supported the disastrous economic policies of the radical right, which threaten to bankrupt this state. I guess other than that, Suellentrop is a great guy.

If the editorial board couldn’t bring itself to support Suellentrop’s opponent in the Aug. 5 primary, it could have chosen to endorse no one. Come to think of it, if our choice in November ends up being Suellentrop, the people of the 91st District would be better off with no representation, because Suellentrop is just another one of our legislators who takes his orders from Americans for Prosperity and the American Legislative Exchange Council. And those people certainly do not represent the interests of the working class in Kansas, or anywhere else.



Local impact

On behalf of the Kansas African American Museum staff and board of directors, I’d like to express our sadness about the passing of two people you likely knew, but perhaps didn’t fully appreciate.

Leonard Wesley, an architect of Wichita’s school-desegregation plan, and actor-activist James Garner both died recently.

While he was growing up in segregated Coffeyville, Wesley dreamed about bringing the races together. He did just that as one of the Wichita school district’s first black principals. He also executed the integration plan he helped create as an assistant superintendent. Wesley retired in 1995 after 37 years of service. In 2003, he received the National Education Association’s H. Councill Trenholm Award.

Garner’s impact is more removed. Famed artist Richmond Barthe sculpted two of the Kansas African American Museum’s most prized pieces of art. When he moved into an apartment above a Pasadena garage, the city named the street after him. While in that apartment he created many of his works, with Garner’s financial assistance.

Garner’s support of Barthe and his participation in the 1963 March on Washington were not flashes of conscience, said a Washington Post obituary. Garner was a lifelong activist who, with black actors such as Harry Belafonte, Ruby Dee and Diahann Carroll, “defied J. Edgar Hoover and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which was keen to stop the march,” the article said.


Executive director

Kansas African American Museum


Spare an officer?

Recently, my wife’s purse was stolen from Buffalo Park in Wichita while my 4-year-old daughter played. My wife called 911 and waited on hold for about 10 minutes. She filed a report and was given a case number. The 911 operator told her no officer would be dispatched.

I called the police station the next day and inquired about the case. I was told no officer was assigned to it.

I sent an e-mail to the larceny unit at the Wichita Police Department; I received no response.

I’m concerned for my family’s safety and for those children who play at our public parks. Can we spare an officer from traffic stops to protect our wives and children?



Letters deadline

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