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July 26, 2014

Letters to the editor on Israel, Gaza, Roberts, Rhoades, Bunting, will of the people

When the enemy for years promotes, provokes and creates violence toward you (and nobody helps), you should strongly retaliate by any means to protect yourself, as Israel is rightly and bravely doing now.

Israel is right to protect itself

When the enemy for years promotes, provokes and creates violence toward you (and nobody helps), you should strongly retaliate by any means to protect yourself, as Israel is rightly and bravely doing now.

In 2012, my husband and I went to Israel and saw her beauty and what the Jewish people have accomplished there. Oh, Israel, may Adonai bless and protect your people forever. Shalom.



Gazans under siege

Those defending the Israeli attack on Gaza often say that it is Hamas forcing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to kill Palestinians. It is truer to say that it is Netanyahu who is endangering Israeli lives.

Netanyahu would rather continue the settlements and keep Palestinians in prison and keep Gazans under siege than agree to the obvious cease-fire requirements: End the blockade so that Gaza can have something like an economy, stop preventing Gazans from doing things such as visiting relatives or going to school in the West Bank or accepting scholarships they have been awarded to Harvard, and release the prisoners that Israel just rearrested.



Roberts is ‘missing’

A television ad from Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., titled “Missing,” attacks Milton Wolf for not casting a ballot in every election that he could have. I decided to check things for myself on the Kansas Secretary of State Office’s website. Though it is true that Wolf did not cast a ballot in every election that he could have, he has voted in every general election since 1996. It seems to me that Roberts’ complaint here is that Wolf is not a politician who has planned his whole life around running for office.

Funny – I kind of find that to be a positive.

While on the site, I also checked into Roberts’ election ballots cast. What I found was pretty interesting: 20 of his past 23 ballots cast were by absentee ballot. He doesn’t even make it “home” to Kansas during election season. Well, unless he has an opponent. It seems that Roberts is the one “missing” from Kansas.


Bel Aire

Re-elect Rhoades

I am writing to explain why the Kansans for Life political action committee has proudly endorsed Rep. Marc Rhoades, R-Newton, in Kansas House District 72. Rhoades is an experienced legislator who has earned a 100 percent pro-life voting record. He has consistently voted to defend the rights of defenseless children and the elderly, and to uphold the dignity of women by making sure they are given informed consent. Rhoades is an honest and trustworthy legislator who will let you know where he stands on the issues facing Kansas.

His opponent, Barbara Bunting, did not return her questionnaire on right-to-life issues. It appears that she does not want us to know where she stands. Her candidacy became even more troubling to conservative voters when she was endorsed by a Lawrence-based feminist organization, Kansans Advancing Women.

The choice is crystal clear. Vote for life on Aug. 5. Vote to re-elect Marc Rhoades.



Kansans for Life PAC


Vote for Bunting

I ask all eligible to vote in the Republican primary for Kansas House District 72 to choose Barbara Bunting. If continuing our tradition of quality public schools and developing the local economy with good jobs are important to you, she is the only logical choice.

Bunting’s opponent does whatever party leadership and related special-interest groups have directed, even when not in the best interest of constituents in the 72nd. We deserve a representative with our best interests in mind.

Bunting has direct knowledge of what it takes to grow a cutting-edge business in Kansas. She recognizes the importance of a strong educational system to ensure a prepared workforce and to keep and attract young talent, who demand good schools for their children. As an educator by profession and local school board member, she knows, and is realistic about, what is needed to provide adequate schools.

If you want a pro-life representative who is devoted to the future of the children of our community, vote for Barbara Bunting on Aug. 5.



Will of people

The copy of the Constitution I have begins “We the people,” not “Me the judge.” We should be outraged that many judges are deeming themselves the sole authority on certain issues. When states take a vote on an issue, then the will of the people should not be overturned by some judge who thinks he knows best. Whether it be fluoridation in the water, gay marriage, slots at the dog track, abortion or any other number of issues, when the people have spoken, that vote should be final.

In time, if a majority of people vote to overturn a previous vote, then so be it. If you don’t agree with the “will of the people” of this state, you can either live with it or move.



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