Letters to the editor on Israel and Gaza, Pompeo, NSA, Shultz, Powell

07/25/2014 12:00 AM

07/24/2014 5:20 PM

Israel engaged in ethnic cleansing

Israel is engaged in ethnic cleansing in Gaza. Constant bombing, drone attacks, tanks and ships firing on hospitals, children at play and whole families huddling together in their homes. More than 600 dead, 80 percent of them civilians. Israel prohibits even medical supplies from entering Gaza and prevents people who have lost everything from leaving.

Go to DemocracyNow.org. Learn what is happening; you won’t hear it in mainstream media.

The world’s fourth-largest army – Israel’s – is destroying the world’s largest refugee camp. That is not self-defense. Gaza has no army. Its civil servants have not been paid for months. It is less than 2 percent the land area of Israel. But carnage drops from the sky on this area the size of Wichita.

Israel is committing war crimes while our Congress and president cheer it on and send more of our tax money.

Gazans will continue demanding freedom from occupation – as we did in 1775, as South Africans did under very similar oppression in the 1980s. We should support them.



Right to defend

In response to recent letters to the editor saying that Israel is in the wrong: Israel did not start this. It just wants to be left alone to live. Hamas is a terrorist group that wants to destroy all of Israel and kill all Jews. How is Israel in the wrong?

Hamas bombed Israel for weeks, more than 2,000 bombs, before Israel responded. Secretary of State John Kerry arrogantly says Israel needs to stop. Why should it? Israelis are defending themselves. There was a five-hour cease-fire, which Hamas broke within two hours. Israel is calling Palestinians’ homes to let them know to get out because it is bombing, while Hamas tells people to stand on the roofs as they are being bombed.

How is the world standing by and condemning Israel for protecting its people?



Pompeo leads

In our current 4th Congressional District race, we have one candidate who leads, Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, and one who misleads, Todd Tiahrt.

During his relatively short time in office, Pompeo has voted repeatedly to diffuse the disastrous effects of Obamacare, authored a successful bill that greatly assists our aviation industry and will create local jobs, and advanced legislation to strip the federal government of foolish regulations that cripple our economy.

In his 16 years in Congress, Tiahrt’s legislative accomplishments included naming two post offices, voting to increase his pay and sending millions of our tax dollars to fund worthless projects outside of Kansas.

Further, several commercials on behalf of Tiahrt have been branded as false or misleading by independent news organizations and academic political experts, and his personal attacks on Pompeo made during public forums are even more outrageous.

Clearly, Tiahrt will say anything in his desperate attempt to return to Washington, D.C. Pompeo is an emerging national leader who represents all of our interests extremely well. It’s important that we make the right choice in allowing him to continue his work on our behalf.



Voted for spying

I want those supporting the re-election bid of Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, to remember one thing: Pompeo was the only member of the Kansas delegation to vote last summer for continued funding for the National Security Agency’s domestic spying program. When I contacted him to voice my displeasure over this vote, I got a song and dance about him being a West Point graduate. Big deal – Jimmy Carter was an Annapolis graduate.

If you hold your rights dear, remember that Pompeo doesn’t seem to think the Fourth Amendment should apply in the 4th District (or anywhere else). Then vote according to your desire to have a representative who will protect your rights.



Support Shultz

I had some misleading literature dropped on my porch regarding the Kansas insurance commissioner race. The main thrust of the flier was about repealing Obamacare, and this candidate sees the repeal as the main goal of winning the insurance commissioner race.

The fact is, the insurance commissioner is a regulatory department head and is required to follow and implement laws enacted by Congress and the Legislature. This person does not make the laws. Insurance commissioners can, and do, advocate for or against changes in the laws, but that is the extent of their influence. To my knowledge, all the Republican candidates for insurance commissioner oppose Obamacare.

We really need someone in that position who is fair and will see to it that both consumers and the insurance industry are given due consideration. Insurance is such an important part of American society that all aspects of the industry deserve equal attention.

I support state Sen. Clark Shultz, R-McPherson, because of his experience working with the Insurance Commissioner’s Office over the years. Shultz knows well the responsibilities of the office. This working relationship, along with his experience within the industry, makes him uniquely qualified among all the candidates to serve as Kansas insurance commissioner.


District 74


Powell is best

I am a concerned Kansas citizen who treasures the liberties we enjoy. However, I am especially concerned about insurance and health care representation for the state of Kansas. In Kansas, we have an attorney general who is an attorney, a secretary of state who was a constitutional law professor, a treasurer who has an MBA. Why don’t we have an insurance commissioner who is an experienced expert in the insurance industry?

Having heard all but one candidate speak over the past year and researched their backgrounds, I can support only one candidate – David Powell. He has been a practicing insurance professional for more than 37 years in Kansas and has sold all types of major insurance. This man is not a self-promoting, ladder-climbing or name-dropping politician. Instead, he is an honest family man who has a genuine concern for the people of Kansas and their total insurance and health care needs.

In addition to selling insurance, Powell has read the entire 2,000-plus-page Obamacare law and written a book summarizing Obamacare, and he wrote a significant piece of legislation to block federal power over Kansans.

I am confident that the wisest and most responsible policies for the state will be implemented with David Powell as the next Kansas insurance commissioner.



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