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July 24, 2014

Letters to the editor on lower taxes, federal debt program, Derby TIF, Rhoades, Bunting, ‘America’ documentary

What can be wrong with cutting taxes for Kansans? What is wrong with leaving more earnings in the pockets of Kansans for food, clothing, transportation, etc.?

What’s wrong with cutting taxes?

What can be wrong with cutting taxes for Kansans? What is wrong with leaving more earnings in the pockets of Kansans for food, clothing, transportation, etc.?

There is no dispute that essential functions of government, such as roads, police and fire protection, must be funded. But waste and duplication are too easy when spending other people’s money. We will have leaner and more efficient government when the funds are limited.

Why is The Eagle editorial board so bent on beating up on Gov. Sam Brownback for believing that Kansans should be able to keep more of their own earnings?

The federal government is creating unsustainable debt, and the “chickens will inevitably come to roost.” I would hope that Kansans are smarter than to follow Washington’s destructive path. A government that tries to give everyone everything will finally take everything everyone has. The people in socialist/communist Russia learned this too late. I pray it is not too late for us.



Give back money?

I was heartbroken to read that Kansas should get $31 million from the federal debt program (July 21 Eagle). Obviously, Gov. Sam Brownback and the Legislature will have to refuse it. They laid down the decree that we won’t accept federal money for expanding Medicaid (KanCare), so we can’t accept any other federal money in good faith. Too bad we have to keep giving money back when our budget clearly needs it.



Wrong about TIF

Everyone is entitled to his own beliefs but not his own facts. As president of the Derby City Council, I need to set the record straight.

In The Eagle’s Voter Guide, Sedgwick County Commission candidate Jim Howell said that Derby approved a tax increment financing (TIF) district to lure a Menards across the street from Lowe’s. That is not true. Menards picked that site using its business model and bought it without government assistance in 2012. Derby has a long-standing policy against financial incentives for retail, and has followed it.

It is true that Derby created a TIF district in 2013 to use property tax paid by Menards to reconstruct an inadequate and unsafe street that provides access to a number of commercial properties owned by various people.

Howell does not seem to understand the TIF law. Attorneys have assured us that Derby followed the law. As a state legislator, perhaps Howell should have worked to change the law if he didn’t like it rather than creating a campaign issue where none exists.



Rhoades principled

State Rep. Marc Rhoades, R-Newton, is a principled conservative. Examine his voting record and you will see a consistent effort to lower taxes and shrink government while holding the state government accountable to the people of Newton and Kansas.

Rhoades is a staunch supporter of the right to life. He fights to lower energy costs. He is committed to helping the people of Newton. However, the greatest asset is Rhoades’ availability. He responds to my e-mails. He has met with me to discuss my concerns. When speaking to groups, he stays to answer questions and listen to people. He understands the issues, can answer the questions and explain the effects of implementing various laws.

Many elected officials and those wanting to be elected want to make people happy regardless of the cost to the rest of us. Not Rhoades. He believes that if not held in check, government will take whatever it wants and says it needs.

Thank you, Marc Rhoades, for not being afraid to take the road less traveled and for having principles we can count on.



Support Bunting

I fully support Barbara Bunting’s candidacy for state representative for the 72nd District. I have known Bunting for many years and believe that the traits she exhibits are those of a great leader.

Bunting cares deeply about the 72nd District and the citizens who live in it. She is a true servant leader who has proved to be an effective listener and a team player. Bunting is a woman of faith; she is a caring, independent, intelligent person who will do what is best for the citizens of our district. Her leadership on multiple boards, including the Newton school board, demonstrates her energy and love of community.

Bunting is a leader who listens to those she represents. She will do what is best for the citizens of the 72nd, not what is best for her political capital.



Go see ‘America’

We went to see the new Dinesh D’Souza film, “America,” and want to encourage everyone who loves this country to go see it.

This man, who immigrated here from India, loves this land. He has made an outstanding film documenting what has made our country great. He refutes those who claim our forefathers, through mercenary ways, created what we enjoy today. Some are trying to make our young people believe falsely that the settling of the country was done through unjust and immoral ways. History has been rewritten or omitted from the textbooks used in schools today.

D’Souza has done much research and made a very entertaining and informative film. Go see it.



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