Letters to the editor on Palestine, Gaza deaths, Hedke

07/23/2014 12:00 AM

07/22/2014 5:22 PM

Cartoon offered history lesson

An editorial cartoon in the Sunday Eagle portrayed an Israeli and a Palestinian looking at a large book on Middle East history and saying together, “If you only knew our history!” Most with a minimal experience with the Bible know of the origin of Israel. Sadly, since there never was a country named Palestine, one cannot know its history.

While undergoing basic training upon entering the Army, I became acquainted with a fellow soldier known as Fouad. He was raised an Orthodox Christian in Gaza on the Mediterranean coast. His family may have lived there from the time of Christ, when the Romans, fed up with the rebellious Jews, destroyed the temple, renamed a devastated Jerusalem, and called the whole region by a Latinized derivative of the name of the Philistines, who formerly occupied the Gaza area.

Fouad’s family was forced to leave by the Islamists who moved into Gaza in an effort to destroy the newly formed state of Israel. As we can see, those who took over after Fouad and his family were driven out are still trying to eradicate the state of Israel. I doubt that they know the history of what we call Palestine.



U.S. responsible?

I have been watching as politicians stand in front of cameras and announce that Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible for downing the Malaysian airplane over Ukraine because he has been providing funds, equipment and training to the pro-Russia rebels.

Are we then responsible for the deaths of the Palestinian women and children in the latest Gaza incursion because we have provided the same type of support to the Israeli army for many years?



Hedke listens

State Rep. Dennis Hedke, R-Wichita, truly listens to and cares about residents. I live in the Quail Crossing neighborhood of 160 homes in Andover. In 2012, Quail Crossing was faced with an unexpected, significant challenge when the city began constructing a permanent median along 21st Street. The median blocked the main entrance and negatively affected neighborhood accessibility and, therefore, home values.

Residents raised concerns initially with some city officials without success. The neighborhood then contacted Hedke, who listened to residents, viewed the site himself, and committed to assist the neighborhood in resolving the situation. Fortunately, when the neighborhood presented its concerns to the full Andover City Council, it reacted swiftly and appropriately to remove the median.

I am thankful to the City Council for removing the median and to Hedke for listening to residents and lending his support at a time of great need for the Quail Crossing neighborhood.



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