Letters to the editor on refugee children, Gaza, Israel, Walker, Avello

07/22/2014 12:00 AM

07/21/2014 5:58 PM

Refugee children need compassion

It is truly disheartening and unfortunate that refugee children are being met at our borders with hostility, threats of being shot, and shouts of anger and bigotry, not to mention unknowingly being used as political pawns of politicians spouting hate-filled ideologies and isolationism.

Granted, we have laws dictating how one enters our country and begins the process of citizenship, though our laws are in dire need of reform and need to embrace a more compassionate posture toward those who wish to be a part of this great nation.

However, for those who claim we are a Christian nation, though we were never founded as such, there is no excuse for the mistreatment of these children whose parents long to keep them safe, violence-free and alive.

That being said, as one who happens to be a Christian, for me this is not a Christian problem nor issue per se; this is a human rights and compassion issue, and our citizens and government need to rise to the occasion and do what is right, kind and just. We should be welcoming these children and working on a compassionate way to provide for their needs while we work on a just resolution to the crisis at hand.



Different images

A letter writer tried to convince readers to imagine a Palestinian family peacefully conversing over a meal when an Israeli projectile converts them into body parts (“Thou shalt kill with great precision?” July 17 Letters to the Editor). Sorry, that’s not the image that comes to mind when I think of Palestinians.

Instead, I remember them dancing in the streets and passing out candy when the World Trade Center collapsed after the Sept. 11 terrorist attack. I hear former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat’s voice saying, “We will not bend or fail until the blood of every last Jew from the youngest child to the oldest elder is spilt to redeem our land.” The charred and smoking hulks of passenger buses blown apart by suicide bombers also fill my memory.

Blame the leaders of the free world all you want. Palestinians have never wasted an opportunity to waste an opportunity for peace.



Behavior ‘barbaric’

It has taken a long time since the creation of the state of Israel by the United Nations after World War II for the major news sources and our school history classes to tell us much about the people who lived on the land at the time. Some were killed; others fled to what is now called Palestine: the West Bank and Gaza.

The past three U.S. presidents have told Israel to stop building settlements on Palestinian land, and each time Israel has said “no.” The Israeli settlements dot the entire center of the West Bank and are expanding. Settlers destroy Palestinian orchards with impunity.

Now we have heard that more than 500 people have been killed in Gaza by Israeli bombs in the past two weeks, while there have been 25 Israeli military deaths. Three years ago, 14 Israeli soldiers were killed in response to the 1,300 deaths they caused in Palestine.

U.S. taxes pay $3 billion a year to help the Israeli military. Columnist Cal Thomas (July 16 Opinion) and now President Obama think Israel is “justified,” but hundreds of people in the peace movement in Israel, and thousands around the world, do not. I agree with King Abdullah of Jordan: Israel’s behavior is “barbaric.”



Walker pro-life

Kansans for Life recently endorsed Rep. Leslie Osterman, R-Wichita. As campaign manager for Osterman’s opponent, Michael E. Walker, I found that to be an interesting choice, considering that the KFL website has a page dedicated to “abortion and the hard cases.” KFL gives counterpoints to these arguments for abortion, but Osterman is on record with opposite beliefs.

Walker is pro-life, period. He believes life begins at conception, and will always support efforts to make any and all abortions illegal. Perhaps Kansans for Life should double-check its website and throw its support to the candidates who model these principles.

This primary season, vote Mike Walker for House District 97. Walker has always been a conservative and always will be.



Vote for Avello

I have devoted a great deal of time working on issues affecting local government by serving on Wichita’s District 3 Advisory Board. And I’m writing to ask that people join me in supporting Derby Mayor Dion Avello for Sedgwick County Commission.

Those of us who have known Avello for a long time know that he is honest, has a successful record as a local elected official in Derby (which is flourishing) and is devoted to the people he serves. His consensus-building skills are strong, his leadership is hands-on, and he has the experience we need to get things done on a local level.

What he’s accomplished in Derby he can now do for Wichita, Mulvane and all of Sedgwick County’s District 5.

Unlike his opponent, Avello believes strongly in home rule and our ability to make our own decisions and not take orders from Topeka. He’s the person we need on the commission. I hope others will join me in voting for Dion Avello.



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