Letters to the editor on Central America policies, Santorum’s ‘free world’ comment, left-wing king, same-sex marriage, use of power

07/19/2014 12:00 AM

07/18/2014 4:51 PM

Failed policies fueled immigration

The more than 50,000 children from Central America who have come seeking safety in the United States are in no small part a result of our policies toward these same countries over the past 60 years. We supported dictators and leaders who rivaled the worst one can think of elsewhere in the world, and would not support the inevitable revolutions that took place in places like Nicaragua and El Salvador.

In Honduras, we set up military camps, trained local men and then slipped over the border into Nicaragua to fight the new government there. When we pulled out, we left a void – just as a void was left in El Salvador and Guatemala, where indigenous peoples were being slaughtered for their land. Fortunately, a variety of individual American groups went to Nicaragua and at least set up essential support systems.

There are consequences for what we do. It may take several years to feel them, but they will always come. The children sitting at our borders now are but one example.

A void was created in Central America. The strong filled the void and did whatever they could to survive and control their environment. They grew into evildoers in the form of gangs, but the source of their activities was their own desperate need.



Grave robbing

Former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum’s “free world” comment, along with the showing of a 74-year-old movie at a campaign rally, indicates that the Brownback campaign and, by extension, the state GOP have a serious problem with both ideas and identity (July 15 Eagle). To wit, their ideas have all the currency and real-world resonance of a Rubik’s cube, and their identity is that of a man who is 10 years in the ground.

Regurgitating Ronald Reagan’s apocalyptic rhetoric for the state’s gubernatorial race is ludicrous on its face (the fate of Kansas is not even at stake, much less the free world) and utterly shameless. For that reason, it may prove successful. Indeed, given the increasingly ossified Kansas GOP voting base, Brownback might very well slide through this election on the strength of such pandering. But once this generation of Brownback supporters follows the “Gipper“ into the grave, the Kansas GOP will have to make some unpleasant choices about what it really stands for. Its only recourse will be to cease the political grave robbing and start searching for fresher reference points.



Left-wing king

I attended Music Theatre Wichita’s remarkable production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” last week. The second act opened with local favorite Darcie Roberts in the role of the Narrator singing about the king of Egypt in the beautiful Andrew Lloyd Webber song “A Pharaoh Story” (lyrics by Tim Rice):

“Whatever he did, he was showered with praise. If he cracked a joke then you chortled for days. No one had rights or a vote but the king. In fact you might say he was fairly right-wing.”

At her mention of kingly power as “right-wing,” there were audible and cynical murmurs and laughter in the Century II audience. Could it be that the current occupant of our White House, so transparently left-wing, has exposed a needed edit to a 46-year-old Broadway classic?



Dictating definition

Regarding “Who is forcing?” (July 12 Letters to the Editor): The writer actually proved the point of another letter that he was disputing.

The writer assumed that his interpretation of the Bible defines “marriage” for all persons, no matter their faith or lack thereof. In the case of my marriage, it was our choice to be married in a church by a pastor of that church. That pastor was licensed by the state to perform that ceremony and to certify our marriage by signing the license as specified by the state. In order to obtain that license, we needed to fulfill certain statutory requirements. The requirements for marriage within the church were defined by the church. The requirements for marriage within the state were defined by the state and did not include those required by the church.

People of faith are free to exercise that faith. They are not free to dictate the legal definition of the word “marriage.”



Wisdom, power

I work a Cryptoquote taken from an online site each day. One last week was a quote by Thomas Jefferson: “I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us, that the less we use our power the greater it will be.” I wish every legislator, both senators and representatives, and all elected people would read this profound statement and try to live up to it.


Bel Aire

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