Letters to the editor on Gaza, Roberts, Rundle

07/17/2014 12:00 AM

07/16/2014 5:37 PM

Thou shalt kill with great precision?

The Palestinian people in Gaza are facing yet another round of brutal bombardment by the Israeli military. The actions of the Israeli government transformed the ethos of the Jewish religion from “thou shalt not kill” to “thou shalt kill with great precision.” Today Israel is known for the power of its military and not for the power of its biblical ethics. Although Hamas is guilty as charged when it comes to launching rockets at Israelis, Israel passes with flying colors when it comes to the brutality and gruesome murder of Palestinians in Gaza.

Imagine a Palestinian family sitting together conversing over a meal or watching TV when a high-explosive rocket, launched with the intent to kill, converts functioning human beings into human parts mixed with building concrete. The only good thing about this kind of a scene is that we hope their deaths were quick.

We live at a time when we plan to murder humans in advance, and we broadcast it for the world to see. We then sit in front of our TVs watching the murder taking place, and no one has the decency to stop it. I don’t blame Israel as much as I blame the leaders of the free world.



Retire Roberts

It’s time that Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kan., be retired. He’s done a fine job in Washington, D.C., but after more than 40 years he is as responsible for the mess that we’re in today as anyone. If he had any solutions, he’d be expressing them in his campaign ads instead of attacking his opponent.

I know he is the senator for the people of Kansas, yet I’d like to see his Rolodex to learn about the lobbyists listed and his frequent contacts, just to see whom he’s really representing. From the sound of his campaign ads, Roberts’ greatest fear is from the Wolf at his door.

One more thing I’m almost certain of: If Roberts loses, you won’t ever run into him on the street. Like our other well-respected Kansas son who was from Russell, Roberts won’t be moving back here anytime soon, because Kansas is a nice place to visit but not a place you’d want to live.


Valley Center

Rundle ready

GOP judicial candidate Seth Rundle is very competent and capable, with excellent knowledge of the law. Rundle has the leadership ability and flexibility necessary in a Sedgwick County District Court judge. His straightforwardness and willingness to serve, along with common sense, provide us with a top-level candidate for the job.



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