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July 12, 2014

Letters to the editor on fighting for freedom, dental solution, same-sex marriage, littering, Box Tops for Education

Some people don’t understand what the Fourth of July really stands for. It’s the day of our independence.

Many gave up lives to keep us free

Some people don’t understand what the Fourth of July really stands for. It’s the day of our independence.

I am a World War II veteran and know what it is to be free. Even though I was afraid many times, I always knew what I was fighting for.

Two years ago I went with other WWII vets to Washington, D.C., to see the memorial built in our honor. While we were there we saw other sights of our democracy. One that brought tears to my eyes was Arlington National Cemetery. A lot of people don’t realize what these people gave up their lives for.

I love my country and would fight again if I were called to do so to protect what we have.



Dental solution

I oppose the proposal for mid-level dental providers (July 4 Business Today). I submit that the shortage of Kansas dentists is more perceived than real, and one of distribution rather than sheer numbers.

The Kansas Dental Association has studied this problem extensively and concluded that no Kansas resident is more than half an hour from a practicing dentist. In addition, the 13 rural counties that have no dentist are sparsely populated and could not support a dentist. The reality is that it won’t be any easier to encourage dental hygienists with advanced training to go to these underserved areas than it has been to place dentists there.

But my primary concern is that of safety for Kansas citizens. Any routine procedure, including extraction and restoration of teeth, requires administration of local anesthetic, and a dental office emergency is often a reality because of many medically compromised patients. Dentists are trained to respond and manage these at a higher level.

An alternative proposal is the advanced education in general dentistry residency at Wichita State University. We’re beginning our sixth year, and our program offers recent graduates of accredited U.S. dental schools a one-year internship, which is intensely clinical, and teaches them advanced skills and procedures. After this preparation and training, our vision is to offer them opportunities to serve in underserved locations in Kansas for a specified period of time in exchange for assistance with repayment of dental school loans. I believe this is a safer alternative and a more realistic approach with a win-win solution.


Assistant director

Advanced Education in General Dentistry

Wichita State University


Who is forcing?

Regarding “Equal protection” (July 8 Letters to the Editor): The letter writer assumed that Christians are forcing their beliefs on others. The definition of marriage goes back to the beginning of time when God created Adam and Eve (Genesis 2:24). Jesus Christ doesn’t stutter when He repeats the words of His Father in Heaven (Matthew 19:4-6). For 2,000 years, marriage as defined to be between a man and a woman has been a sacrament and an institution of the church.

Religion does not stop at the doors of the church. Christians are taught to exercise it every day of their lives. The Founding Fathers thought enough of the right to exercise our religion that they put it in the First Amendment to the Constitution. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 cemented that right.

Christians have never asked for the right to discriminate against anyone. We just don’t want to be forced to participate in non-Christian ceremonies. Who is the group forcing its beliefs on others? Non-Christians are not required to believe as we do, but please don’t change the definitions of our sacred institutions or beliefs. Christians are simply defending their God-given rights that have been upheld by the Constitution and the laws of this land.



Don’t trash Wichita

While pumping gas Monday at a QuikTrip in south Wichita, I noticed the passengers in the vehicle at the next pump throwing all of their trash out the windows.

QuikTrip runs very clean, well-staffed stores with very efficient and friendly employees. This company is a success because it does the right things. It does not deserve to have its customers treat it so disrespectfully.

Further, Wichita is my lifelong home, and I do not appreciate people trashing it so casually. This indicates a very low way of thinking about one’s home and environment. It’s selfish, lazy and just wrong. I work very hard to try to improve my own neighborhood, and seeing people throw trash out of windows or illegally dump bulk trash on street curbing really angers me.

This is our home. Add something positive to it. Don’t trash it. And treat those who work to serve the public with a little more respect.



Thanks for box tops

I would like to thank the wonderful, loving people in the area who sent their Box Tops for Education and Campbell’s soup labels to me at Stanley Elementary School this past school year. You helped us exceed our goal of $3,000 and provided many needed classroom supplies, backpacks, shoes, clothing and other items to my beautiful “grandkids.” You taught them that there are people who really care and love them. We sincerely appreciate all your help. Please continue sending the labels in the next school year, as the need is surely going to increase.



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