Letters to the editor on red shirts, abortion, foster care, Pompeo ad, Winn for governor

06/26/2014 12:00 AM

06/26/2014 8:35 AM

Many voters will wear red shirts

Kansas House Speaker Ray Merrick, R-Stilwell, chose to take another swipe at Kansas teachers, specifically those who wore red shirts in the Capitol in April (June 21 Local & State). In response to a reporter’s question about whether concealed handguns in the Statehouse might make some people uneasy, Merrick said: “A lot of red shirts in here that I’m uncomfortable with.”

The next day Merrick’s spokeswoman, Rachel Whitten, began the process of backtracking for her boss. The spin was less than artful and the latest “slip of the tongue” attack on public school teachers by Merrick was noted across the state by educators who happen to wear red shirts on occasion.

The audacity of Merrick continually attacking Kansas teachers, along with Gov. Sam Brownback’s “experiment” that has Kansas in dire financial straits, has gotten the attention of Kansans from Stilwell to Parker and from Liberal to Leavenworth. Kansans know they have good public schools and that good Kansas teachers are, in many instances, the bedrock of their Kansas communities.

Kansans will protect their hometown schools and communities from ruin by showing up at the polls and defending their state’s values. Many of those voting will be wearing red shirts.



United Teachers of Wichita


Strive for better

If we follow the line of reasoning in “Many unwanted” (June 22 Letters to the Editor), none of us should be born, because we all have the potential to neglect and be neglected or to abuse and be abused. We have to strive to be better, not lower the bar by accepting the destruction of the unborn child.

It’s not so much that opponents of abortion are imposing our views as that we don’t want the views of others imposed on those who can’t defend themselves. None, not one, is wise enough to decide who should or shouldn’t be born.



Drugs an issue

Was the hypothesis of “Scrutinize foster care” (June 18 Eagle Editorial) that poor people need government assistance or else they will abuse their children? If so, that is an irresponsible suggestion, filled with unsupported hyperbole.

The drop in the number of children receiving public-assistance benefits is a reflection of either more parents working and no longer meeting the income-eligibility criteria (which have not changed) or the parents not applying. The Kansas Department for Children and Families has helped thousands of adults find employment. During the current fiscal year, vocational rehabilitation services have helped more than a thousand Kansans with disabilities find and keep jobs.

More than 7,000 individuals in the welfare program reported new employment from January 2013 to February 2014. Clients are now spending less time on welfare.

I think drug use is one of the issues that should be spotlighted when it comes to talking about child abuse. Drug use is a major cause of poverty, because people on drugs have a hard time holding down a job. Some of these parents, whose children ended up in foster care because they were abused or neglected, lost their children either directly or indirectly because of drug use.



Not ridiculing

An ad for Rep. Mike Pompeo, R-Wichita, alleges that President Obama has been ridiculing the aircraft industry. There is nothing further from the truth.

The only complaint Republicans can have about Obama is that he has stated that corporations shouldn’t get a tax break on their corporate jets.

I am a lowly senior citizen. I pay property taxes on my modest home. I pay sales tax on everything I buy and taxes on my used car. I get no income tax breaks, other than the homestead exemption. Why should businesses get a tax break on their jets? Believe me, if I could afford a jet, I would happily pay the taxes.

As usual, many Republicans are misrepresenting what Obama has done or said in order to rile up their base. Please think for yourselves and look for other sources of information besides candidates (both Republican and Democrat) running for election.



Winn for governor

Our political system is broken. Many candidates have come along claiming to be the change that we need, claiming that they will operate with transparency and integrity. Time and again, we have been let down.

The difference between those candidates and Jennifer Winn, a GOP candidate for governor, is simple: Winn is not being backed by either party, because she is not willing to play along with the business-as-usual rules that created this mess.

I am Winn’s campaign manager. She is not being financed or endorsed by the corporations or the special-interest groups that tend to fund campaigns, because she is not willing to put big-money agendas ahead of the needs of the people of Kansas.

The people of Kansas deserve leaders who do the right thing, even when doing so will upset the most powerful people in this state. The people of Kansas deserve leaders who care more about us than they do about raising money for the next campaign. The people of Kansas deserve Jennifer Winn.



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