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06/03/2014 5:34 PM

06/03/2014 5:34 PM

Bus terminal needs some help

Occasionally I ride the buses operated by Wichita Transit. I usually embark on the bus at a stop, ride to my destination and disembark. On some occasions I transfer from one bus to another to reach my destination.

On Saturday morning, while waiting to board the 17th Street bus at the downtown terminal, I could not help but notice how trashy the areas around the benches under the canopy were. I decided to enter the terminal building to look around and ventured into the restroom for men. I was shocked to see how filthy this restroom was at 9 a.m. on the first Saturday of the River Festival.

Due to rerouting because of the River Festival, the buses could not enter and park in the usual way for boarding. A wheelchair-using veteran with whom I was holding a conversation was directed by a terminal employee to maneuver his wheelchair from the canopy area and cross the parking lot to board the 17th Street bus. That is when I noticed the deteriorated concrete in the parking area, which made it difficult for him to maneuver his wheelchair across this area to board the bus.

The bus was very clean and cooled, and the driver was very courteous and helpful; however, the Wichita Transit terminal could use some help.



Must start over

I recently moved from Wichita to Newton. All of my first-class mail was forwarded, including my Sedgwick County voter “Certificate of Registration.” The certificate stated: “A change in your name or address (physical or mailing) requires re-registration.”

I dutifully returned the registration card to the Sedgwick County Election Office, advising it of my new Harvey County address.

A few days later, I took a completed voter-registration application to the Harvey County Courthouse. I was told that the Sedgwick County Election Office canceled my existing registration when it received my address change. I am no longer a certified Kansas voter, since there was no active registration to transfer to Harvey County.

Due to a “glitch” in the new Kansas voting law, I am required to start all over again – after voting in every election since 1965 – by providing my birth certificate.

This is one lifelong Republican who is now an “undocumented liberal” in the state of Kansas.



Sign pot petition

We need 4,300 signatures from registered Wichita voters to petition for a vote in the November elections.

If that happens, a “yes” vote will amend the current city ordinance to end criminal penalties for marijuana and paraphernalia possession, with violators instead getting a ticket with a maximum fine of $25.

About 60 percent of all drug arrests in Wichita are for possession of marijuana or paraphernalia. Blacks are 3.7 times more likely than whites to be arrested for these charges. These easy arrests for marijuana are driving the drug war and filling our courtrooms, prisons and probation offices at great expense to the taxpayer, including huge costs for court-ordered drug treatment and supervision of these nonviolent citizens.

Kansans know marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. There are real crimes that demand the attention of law enforcement.

These arrests are ruining the lives of taxpayers and their families. Penalties are harsher for those arrested who cannot afford an attorney. Drug convictions and forced pleas bring lifelong consequences that often make positive lifestyle changes impossible through the systematic denial of student loans, job opportunities, the right to vote and housing.

It is time to change these outdated laws and end the criminal penalties for marijuana possession.

Go to www.wichitapeace.org and download the reform petition and instructions, or sign one at Riverfest.



Only the beans

American management style has been greatly influenced by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management and other academics. The core thrust is all about money and more money powered by Wall Street’s greed. The current Department of Veterans Affairs scandal is a symptom of these creeping mentalities in which people are costs to be managed, not people to be served.

The implementation of this management style has been to create environments where metrics are the only tool, reducing people or work to numbers or beans. This directly creates caustic business mercenary forces. More metrics are used to manage the metrics, and the downward spiral starts. Lost are the art of management of people and the cultivation of craftsmanship and a quality product. The tighter management tries to control beans, the further management gets from the true work and knowledge of efficiency and good cost cutting.

America’s trust in this system is materialistic. If it can’t be measured it has no value. Ethics and morals cannot be measured. America is also mistaking arrogance for intelligence. The arrogance of bean counting shields management from having to do the very hard work of intelligently managing people.

Arrogant Sloan-style management is here in many of the leading companies. Management does not know or care to know the people or work being executed, only the beans. The hiring of more management to count the beans is a sign that control is waning and the end may soon be evident.



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