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May 28, 2014

Letters to the editor on VA hospital, anti-veteran, Saline IUD vote

Don’t believe everything you hear about Veterans Affairs hospitals. Our experience was not like what is going on in Phoenix.

VA hospital has excellent care

Don’t believe everything you hear about Veterans Affairs hospitals. Our experience was not like what is going on in Phoenix.

My husband was admitted to the VA in Wichita the day before Thanksgiving last year. He went to the ICU, where he had excellent care. From there he went to the third floor, where he had excellent care. On Dec. 10 we were told he needed 24-hour care. We toured the hospice area (which I wasn’t even aware the hospital had). The children and I decided that this was where we wanted him to be taken care of. We are so thankful that we made that decision.

We ended up losing him on April 28 from two different cancers that we knew he was battling. From the first day of hospice to the last day he was alive, he had the very best of care.

We had easy access to him any time of day or night. Our great-granddaughters also had access to him. They could climb on the bed with him, give him a kiss and have tea parties.

I want to thank the entire staff for the many things it did for all of us. If we had questions, the staff members answered them. When we were down, they encouraged us. Yes, they are very busy and have lots of people to care for, but the care is excellent.



Legacy of disgrace

Memorial Day should be a time for reflection, but I doubt that it was for most people. I spent 25 years in the military and have a few reflections about the disregard that this country in general and this administration in particular have for those who serve the nation.

Many of the veterans being backlogged at the Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals served at a time when they were not thanked for their service. They served in the Vietnam era, during the draft, when young men came in three varieties.

There were those who volunteered to serve for the same reasons that many do today. Others couldn’t avoid the draft, and the rest were those who successfully dodged it. Those who dodged it took solace in that they were somehow protesting an unjust war when in fact they were simply cowards. Many of these cowards went on into positions of power, often in governmental bureaucracies or in elected offices.

This administration nurtures the legacy of those who resent men and women who have the courage to serve. That veterans are dying while bureaucrats charged with their care line their pockets should not be a surprise. It is merely typical of what is a legacy of disgrace.



Reconsider vote

On May 20, Saline County commissioners made an ill-informed and harmful decision. They voted to reject a grant from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment that would have funded a form of long-acting reversible contraception, such as IUDs, through the Saline County Health Department. Commissioner John Price claimed that using an IUD is equivalent to “murder” yet admitted that he didn’t really know much about this type of thing.

This prompts the question: If you don’t know very much about a type of medical care, why wouldn’t you listen to evidence from experts?

This also illustrates why politicians should not be involved in the private health care decisions of patients and why health care decisions are best left up to medical professionals. When politicians are pushing for less government interference, why is it acceptable to micromanage women’s fertility?

Women, in consultation with their health care providers, know which contraceptive method will help them manage their fertility and their family size. Politicians should help people better their lives, not construct roadblocks that can be detrimental and counterproductive for families.

The Saline County Commission would be wise to reconsider its vote. Otherwise, women, along with their families, are the ones who will pay the price for lack of affordable access to effective contraceptive devices.



South Wind Women’s Center


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