Letters to the editor on renewables, VA, Benghazi, noisy kids

05/23/2014 12:00 AM

05/22/2014 5:56 PM

Renewables should be mandated

I want to answer the question that ended a commentary by Rep. Dennis Hedke, R-Wichita, and Sen. Forrest Knox, R-Altoona (May 20 Opinion): Why should renewable power be mandated? I can give two reasons.

The first is fairness. Renewables are catching up with an industry – fossil fuels, particularly coal and oil – that has had a 100-year head start and that continues to receive many tax breaks, subsidies and other advantages, even though it is the most profitable industry on the planet. And it uses its massive wealth politically to cripple competition from renewables, which is really what the opposition to the renewable portfolio standard is about.

More important, we should “mandate” renewable energy as a necessary part of our response to the threat posed by human-induced climate change. Hedke and Knox are arguably the two most vocal deniers of climate change in the Legislature, so it’s not a surprise that they are also the most determined opponents of renewable energy. They have used their influential positions to attempt, in multiple pieces of legislation, to limit our state’s ability to cut greenhouse-gas emissions or to build resiliency to climate impacts into our development decisions.

The recent National Climate Assessment is only the latest study to prove how wrong they are. But that doesn’t mean they can’t do a lot of damage, as their repeated – though to this point, thankfully, failed – attempts to repeal the RPS demonstrate.



Kansas Interfaith Power and Light


Abolish VA

The problems with the Department of Veterans Affairs are not new. It has been this way from the beginning.

Those of us who are veterans gave up our time and families and risked our lives to fight for our country. This is the way our nation repays us? We are sending money all over the world to help people, yet the politicians cannot spend a bit on those who made their political lives possible?

The VA should be abolished. Our veterans should be able to go to their favorite medical facilities, which would be paid exactly the same as Medicare, Medicaid and private health insurance plans.



Benghazi hole

U.S. House Republicans have launched another Benghazi snipe hunt. Having already had 13 hearings, generating 25,000 pages of documents, and 50 separate briefings, they are setting off in search of absolutely nothing but headlines. Taxpayers will get the bill for this purely political exercise in getting camera time.

It was disheartening to see that Kansas Reps. Mike Pompeo, Tim Huelskamp, Lynn Jenkins and Kevin Yoder all supported setting up a select committee. All of these folks claim to be fiscal conservatives, yet they are throwing more tax dollars down a black hole for no reason other than to attack former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The “party of no” continues to investigate rather than legislate.



Be quiet outside

As a child, I was told to be quiet when playing outside or I would have to come inside. Adults have a right to peace and quiet because we pay taxes. Children have no right to disturb their neighbors.

Your “right” and mine to disturb the peace ends at our property lines. If your neighbors’ dogs are disturbing you – call the police and report it.

Now, take the noisemakers inside and listen to them there.


Bel Aire

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