Letters to the editor on senior centers, VA hospitals, children’s mental health, Bunting

05/19/2014 12:00 AM

05/19/2014 6:06 AM

Don’t push seniors out of centers

A lot of elderly people go to the senior centers. Some are retired. Some have lost their spouses through death or divorce. Most go to the centers because they enjoy the company of other people, along with the fun activities offered by the centers.

The city has taken some space and turned it into exercise rooms. This is fine, except they take the restrooms with it. When the kids get out of school, their parents send them to the recreation center, which is shared by the elderly in the senior center. We are expected to share one restroom area. This is not fair to the seniors. What happened to our rights?

We are not ready to go to a care home or die. We want to enjoy our golden years.



Veterans suffering

If Republicans want to investigate something and actually do something about it to show the American people how concerned they are, they should investigate the treatment our veterans are getting at the Veterans Affairs hospitals. Our veterans need our help more than another investigation of what happened at Benghazi.

The veterans are the ones suffering, because their benefits keep being cut, while Congress is foisting weapons upon the military that it neither needs nor wants. There is no reason that our veterans should not get the best care and immediate care. Not one person who has served in our military should ever be put on a waiting list.

Members of Congress almost break their arms waving the flag and saying how they appreciate our military, then turn around and show contempt when veterans need help. Congress should be asking how many veterans have died while awaiting treatment.

Instead, it is focused on other things in the hope of dividing our country even more than it already is.



Show support

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, and the Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas would like to invite Wichita and surrounding areas to a fun and free event from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday to recognize and celebrate children’s mental health.

This event will be at O.J. Watson Park, 3022 S. McLean, Shelter No. 5. Free activities involve refreshments, music by Battle Star Productions, face painting, a moonwalk, photo booth, nice raffle prizes (including Wichita State University tickets and Exploration Place and Sedgwick County Zoo passes), the Wichita Fire Department and its Mobile Prevention Experience, and the Wichita Police Department’s mounted unit, K-9 unit and bomb squad. For each of the first 100 people, there will be one free round of mini golf and one free train ride (thereafter, discounted golf and train rides are only 50 cents each).

In the United States, 1 in 5 children has a mental illness. Mental illness is not only common but also treatable. Bring your kids, families and neighbors, and show your support for kids and mental health.


Coordinator of children’s support services/education

Mental Health Association of South Central Kansas


Support Bunting

I am choosing to support Barbara Bunting in the Republican primary for Kansas House District 72.

Bunting is a levelheaded, passionate and compassionate individual who will represent our district well at the state level. She has proved herself, having served on numerous boards locally and beyond. Her involvement has had effects on nearly every segment of our population, from early childhood to the elders in our community and every economic group.

We are in need of people in the Legislature who will consider all citizens and make the best possible choices for all. We need a person who will be willing to make difficult choices that may not follow a strict party line. I believe Barbara Bunting will be that person.



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